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Cookie Wars

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Reagan Family Christmas 2016

Currently: December 17, 2016

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Cheese Board: An Easy Appetizer

Friday Five Faves!

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Friday Favorites!

Made by Me: Dog Hair Hat

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We fixed it! Our Deck Repair Success

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Old Enough

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Friday Five!

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Made by Me: Scrappy Poncho


Sixth Anniversary

What Have I Been Reading in September?

What's up Wednesday? - September 2016

Fall Decorating

Fall Friends

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Crochet Project

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Health Update - Part 2

Health Update - Part 1

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House Guest Welcome Baskets

Friday Five - 7.22.16

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Random Things

Friday Faves - Branson vacation

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Friday 5

Patriotic Crochet Wreath

Currently: A list

Friday Five June 10

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What Have I Been Reading? May 2016

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Five Faves - Florida style!

Yoga Sling DIY Sandals

Stranded! in May

Mother's Day Thoughts

Friday - Five Faves