What's Up Wednesday? December 2016

It's Wednesday so I'm linking up with the What's up Wednesday ladies!

What we're eating this week?
Aldi has fancy cheeses and we LOVE it!  I spend a bit of time at the fancy cheese case just looking.  Well, one day they had a new cheese - Raclette.  I've only had it once at a Raclette ladies dinner.  Basically, you grill meat, potatoes, veggies, and melt raclette cheese and pour it over the top.  Raclette is like Swiss cheese without the holes.  I'm not necessarily a Swiss cheese fan but raclette is a bit different.  They make a fancy grill for it but you don't need one.  Matt didn't love the cheese, oh well, that meant more cheese for me.  We had grilled sausage, potatoes, broccoli, and baguette.  Here's a picture of the grill.  I don't have one or really need one but it's cool!  My friend who hosted the dinner party a few years ago has one.

What I'm reminiscing about?
Christmas with my family.  We have fun.  We missed Joey, but we're proud he was working.

What I'm loving?
Matt found this app called Marco Polo.  There are apps that let you have group texts and voice mails but Marco Polo lets you send video messages.  We've got the whole family on it and I created a Reagan group.  It's so fun!  I love getting to see everyone and share our day to day and our silliness.  Matt sent a video of Pickles doing tricks and then Johnny sent a video of the kids (and cousin kids) doing the same.  I hope we never get tired of it!

What we've been up to?
I feel like we've been really busy, but I can't remember why.

What I'm dreading?
Winter, I love you.  I love your bright sunshine and white snow.  I do not love your frigid single digit temps and feeling like a stuffed sausage because I have to wear 4 layers of clothing. 

What I'm working on?
I've been working on getting up early every work day.  I read my Bible, do a study, and then move.  Even if it's just a 15 minute quick work out.  YouTube has some great workouts. I like Fitness Blender, Refit Rev, Yoga with Adrienne, and a walking workout one.  * I woke up yesterday and did everything but the movement.  It was so cold and the flannel sheets were so cozy!*

What I'm excited about?
Christmas with Matt and Pickles.  Also, being selected to be on the launch team for the book below!

What I'm reading?
You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons.  It comes out in February.  It is amazing!  I love it!  It's all about being who you already are and not striving for the approval of men and women.  I've been hooked from the introduction.  This is a book you'll write in and highlight.  You can preorder now and I highly recommend it. 

What I'm listening to?
All the Christmas music I can! 

What I'm wearing?
I found some black skinny jeans that fit (buy a size up) and look good.  They were at Old Navy.
I got this sweater at Target. It is the softest thing ever!

What I'm doing this weekend?
Celebrating the birth of Christ.  I'm really excited to be at church this weekend. 

What I'm looking forward to next month?
A new year holds so many possibilities!  It's going to be a good one!

What else is new?
Matt got a new job.  Same company, different location, better hours.  Yay!

Bonus:  What is my favorite memory of 2016?
Matt and I took some great vacations this year!  Florida and Branson.  We really cherished the time with our families.


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