Cookie Wars

Matt's work had a Cookie War a couple weeks ago. 

He forwarded the email to me with the question, "Is this something we can do?"  Oh yeah!  I figured everyone would pull out their favorite Christmas cookie recipe.  I immediately remembered this image I had seen on Pinterest and thought we have to do these.  Matt agreed and we got to work.

We started with a classic sugar cookie recipe.  One of his coworkers couldn't believe that they were so good.  Sugar cookie cut outs can be hard.  You have to be sure not to roll the dough too thin or it will burn.  I think our secret was that we rolled the dough out, chilled it, then cut it out.  If the dough got too warm we put it back in the refrigerator.  She even offered to pay me to make sugar cookies for her.  I told Matt if she was serious I'm in.  What a dream to have someone pay me to bake for them!

We made the cookies Tuesday night.  I had a round cutter but not an oval.  I traced an oval onto card stock and then used it as a guide to cut ovals with a knife.

Thursday night we made the frosting.  We did not use a royal icing because... well, I don't like it.  It's too fussy.  Fussy icing is not fun.  We made glace icing.  The recipe we used can be found here.  It hardens nicely and tastes good.  

Matt took them to work and set them up.  They had a clever set up for voting.  People put their cookies out and the organizers had a colored stone for each cookie.  Then people voted by putting the stone of their favorites into jars.  

Here are our cookies on display.  We got a few containers and jars made labels and put the cookies inside.  There are no pictures close up of our actual cookies.  Can you believe it?  I kind of love it when that happens.  Matt and I had so much fun creating and getting messy we took no photos!  Most of the ovals were half pink, half sprinkles.  The round ones we did in white, blue, yellow, and pink.  Then when they were dry we used and edible icing pen and wrote M on one side and L on the other.  Too cute!

Here's the label.  We found the editable PDF online.

Guess who won most creative?



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