What's Up Wednesday? October 26

It's the last Wednesday of the month so I'm linking up with the What's up Wednesday ladies!

What we're eating this week?
Quick and easy meals this week.  We've got something every night this week.  

What I'm reminiscing about?
I mentioned last week that this is Pickles version of cuddling. She's and independent little thing.  Which made me recall a recent incident where she was laying her head on me.  She was sleeping upright and fell with her head in my lap.  She curled up into a ball right next to me using my leg as her pillow.  It was great!  When she does that you just freeze, don't breathe, don't move.  She eventually realized what was happening and she sat straight up and looked so embarrassed.  Can dog's look embarrassed?  Yes, they can.  It was like when you fall asleep on an airplane and you fall into your neighbor who is a stranger.  It was so funny! 

What I'm loving?
I have been on the lookout for some cute booties that don't have heels.  I have a cute pair that have a stacked heel. I love them but they aren't practical for my everyday casual and different work days.  This has been a LONG search.  I finally found a cute pair.  They are from Target's Cat and Jack line.  Yes, that is a children's line of clothing.  I found a pair that was exactly what I was looking for, color, heel, bootie, everything.  So for fun I tried them on and found out they fit.  I can wear children's shoes!  This opens up a whole new world of cute shoe options.  Bonus:  Kids boots are at least $10 cheaper than women's boots.  They were on sale AND I had a Cartwheel coupon.
Image result for target cat and jack nora boots

What we've been up to?
Washing dishes by hand.  I know!  So crazy.  Our dishwasher has been on the fritz so dished have been coming out with grit on them and their is a leak from the bottom.  Our dished haven't been this clean in a long time!  I'll probably find some time to take it all apart and see what's happening.  Right now it's a giant drying rack and that's fine with me.

What I'm dreading?
Again, dread is a strong word.  But I'm not looking forward to buying a new TV.  Our TV went out on Friday.  We have sound and no picture.  The fix is going to be more than the time and effort so we've decided to wait.  We pretty much only watch TV on the weekends anyway so it's not that big of a deal.  I streamed some free HGTV shows Saturday night.  I think we'll be just fine without it.  Matt posted about it on Facebook live Sunday night.

What I'm working on?
I've got some projects rolling around in my head.  A couple different crochet projects and one jewelry project.  The jewelry project is more of a repurposing project.

What I'm excited about?
My mom and dad are coming to KC for Christmas!!  Yay!!

What I'm reading?
Playing with Fire by Bianca Olthoff.  I'll post the rest of my October reads next week.

What I'm listening to?
Champion by Bryan and Katie Torwalt.  What a great song!  

and my friend just told me about this song that gives me goose bumps from Elevation Worship. But of course I can't remember the name of it.  Update:  I remember the name!  Call Upon the Lord.

What I'm wearing?
My blanket scarf of course!  Made by my good friend who runs The Cotton Grove.

I've also been wearing vests.  I got this tan vest on Thred Up for $6.00.  Thred Up is my kind of second hand shopping.  I did a trick I learned from Rachel Hollis to figure out how to style this and did a Pinterest search for fun ideas.  I'm not sure I would have come up with the tee, chambray shirt, vest combo on my own.  Don't mind the weird bathroom pose.  We don't have good lighting in our house in the room that has a long mirror.  LOL!

Matt has a puffy vest that he got last year and really liked.  So I had to get one too.  Old Navy had a great sale one weekend.  I got a black one.  I get the puffy vest craze now.  

What I'm doing this weekend?
We have a few soft spots in the deck.  Our plan was to replace the boards this fall instead of in the heat of summer.  Something is living under our deck and driving Pickles crazy.  It had been raining a lot and she figured out that she could dig through the boards.  As soon as she got a hole big enough she started using her mouth.  Like a crazy animal she was ripping the board with her mouth.  We had to talk her down, she was deteremined to get under there.  Needless to say, we are replacing the boards.  I'd also like to build a step.  But first things first.

What I'm looking forward to next month?
How is November so soon?!  Here goes the holiday fun.  Next month is our niece, Oakley's 7th birthday!  Thanksgiving is with Matt's side of the family.  

What else is new?
Matt entered a chili cook off at work.  He made a pot Monday night, using my recipe which is pretty much my mom's recipe and got 4th place!  Fourth out of eight but that's still great!  I tried to convince him to put some pumpkin in it.  The last pot of chili I made I added a cup of pumpkin puree and he loved it.  I bet he would have gotten second or third with that pumpkin.  Ha!

Bonus:  What is my favorite Halloween memory?
I remember being a witch many years in a row.  That must have been the easiest costume for my mom!  Black pointy hat, black dress or skirt, done.  I also remember those plastic costumes we used to get as kids.  Those were the best!  


  1. I know how you feel about dogs being independent. My dog hates cuddling too and I wish he would just sit still with me for even a minute! I love your new puffy Vest! Down her in florida it never gets cold enough to have one lol. And that's funny about being a witch almost every year. My mom dressed me up in the same costume for like 5 years! haha!! Happy Wednesday <3

    1. Thanks! I'm sure there's not much need for a puffy vest in Florida. But you have the ocean, I'd give up my puffy vests in a minute for the beach! LOL


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