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October Fun with Pickles

Who remembers when Pickles refused to go outside in September?  She was not loving the neighbors' Halloween decorations.  Since our backyard meets up with the front yards of the cul-de-sac we had clear view of them.  They weren't bad at all, just different.  
Well, this was at the beginning of October. She did it!

This dog LOVES scrambled eggs.  Do you see the patience here as she waits in hope of a crumb?

I had a really bad backache and needed the heating pad.  I got up, leaving it on, and when I came back look at what I found.

Couldn't tear her away from it.  

You've got to look closely at the picture below.  Pickles is on her tippy toes trying to lick a sheet pan.

We had some snuggly time this month.  

The next few pictures are probably one of my favorite things we did last month.  We took Pickles to a fundraiser for a local animal rescue group.  It was at a brewery that has a dog friendly patio.  

She had so much fun!  She crashed out as soon as we got in the car.  

Two mor…

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