Saturday, October 18, 2014

Vegas baby!

At the beginning of October I took a very quick trip to Las Vegas for Maggie and Patrick's wedding. I left Thursday morning on a 6am flight. I flew United and loved it. Leg room for days and cozy seats in comparison to other airlines.  No snacks though so I learned to have something to munch on longer flights.  I had a layover in Phoenix. Check out those mountains!

After a short flight I was checking into my hotel by 10am. I stayed at Harrah's on the strip. The desk clerk was so nice!  She was able to get me checked in six hours early.  

My room was just right. The bed was comfortable and big. I do wish that the bathroom had more light but it worked. 

There was a very cute little food court downstairs so I headed down for some lunch and a treat. Macarons!

I took a short nap and a shower them met Maggie and Patrick to head to the spa at The Mirage.  We met Autumn and Kevin there. The boys went off exploring while Mags and Autumn had their hair and make up done. 

I couldn't afford to get anything done so I just watched. Until the stylist came by and told me that the girls were paying for my hair.  Many tears of gratitude were shed. We went to Autumn and Kevin's room to finish getting ready. 

Then time for the reveal!

We jumped in a limo to take us to the chapel. 

Limo lights. 

The ceremony was wonderful!  The pastor was great. The staff really had it down!  I think it was called Chapel of the Little Flowers.  The photpgraphers wee great so I only have this one photo of me and Autumn from the ceremony. 

We went back to Harrahs for dinner and some dancing. It was so much fun!

On Friday I woke up starving so I got ready for the day and went to the first place I found for breakfast. Guy Fieri's restaurant. It was really good. 

But my lunch was definitely the best!  I found Sprinkles Cupcakes. I had to get the famous red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Hands down the BEST red velvet I've ever had! 

Vegas is over the top. You could never leave your hotel. But you have to so you can see the extravagance that is Las Vegas. The food choices are endless. The shopping is like something I've never seen before. Designers I've never heard of before. Below are some pictures from my sight seeing. 

This is an escalator!

I caught the shuttle to the airport at 2:00.  I got some good reading material and my preflight peanut M&Ms. 

I don't usually look out the windows for too long but I couldn't stop. The landscape is so different than anything we have in the Midwest. It was beautiful. 

 I was home by midnight.  It was a quick trip but really good. I'm so happy I was there for Maggie's wedding. But I was so happy to get back to Matt and Pickles. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

High Five for Friday!

1.  I just had to buy us new shirts to celebrate our Royals being in the World Series after a 29 year drought!
2.  Mom and Dad were in town for Evalyn's baptism. 

3.  The star of the show!  Such a happy girl.

4.  I know this photo is blurry but this is what a 2 year old who likes to have clean hands does at church.  He saw big 2nd cousin Nora stick her hand in and thought it was a great way to wash his hands. 

5.  I have about 30 of this exact same photo on my phone.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our fourth anniversary

On Wednesday Matt and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary.  It was a great night!  We made anniversary French toast, coffee drinks, and watched a movie at home. 

Here we are in the obligatory anniversary selfie. 

This is what happens when we try to get Pickles in the shot. 

The fourth anniversary is flowers and fruit. 

Matt gave me this beautiful floral arrangement. I thought they were real but they're not!  So pretty!  He also gave me some tropical fruit koolaid mix. 

How sweet is this card?

I gave Matt a man bouquet. 

It has golf tees in the vase with fruity candy and guy stuff taped to dowel rods.


Friday, September 26, 2014

High Five for Friday!

1.  Last weekend we babysat Jack and Evalyn. It was tons of fun!  Matt was a champ. I have never been prouder of my husband. Jack woke up crying for momma and Matt read him stories until he fell asleep. Evalyn had her shots a couple days before and we think that's why she was fussy. She did not stay asleep all night like normal. He held her and loved her. Check out this picture. She loves her Uncle Matt!

2.  Tuesday was one of those days where I had more planned than hours in the day.   I woke up late, missed my before work plan to pick up free shelves and had to get them after work.  I was supposed to have one new cavity filled and one old filling repaired. As they were numbing my mouth the lady said I had an infection. Sure enough an X-ray revealed not only an infection that will need a root canal but another cavity!  A big one!  Ouch!  I then had a haircut and as I was thinking about my cruddy day my stylist turned the chair and said look out the window.  There was a rainbow that was so clear it was amazing. But it was just a huge polka dot of a rainbow. Beautiful reminder of God's glory!

Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” (Genesis 9:16 NIV)

3.  Have you ever put apple slices on a grilled cheese?  You should!  Sprinkle a little cinnamon on there too. You won't regret it!

4.  Wednesday night we had an amazing experience at small group.  They had no idea I have posted about our loss.  Unless they read this and I forgot I shared Vaughan-tastic Life with them. Anyway, they decided to pray over us and for our future family.  We just felt great and so loved by our friends and our God. 

5.  I had a proud dog mom moment today at the vet. People in the waiting room were oohing and aahing at how cute and good she is. Then she didn't want to get on the scale. But when I told her to sit she stayed.  Yes!  Then we went back for her shots and she did great. Of course the vet loved her!   Sweet Pickles!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Devastated and Blessed (part three)

So, where does this leave us. 

We are blessed...

We can get pregnant.  We had not been given good chances of getting pregnant on our own.  But now we know it can happen.  We have hope.  Hope is a powerful thing.  In fact, that's what I call our baby, Hope.  It's helped me a lot to have a name on my heart.  A name that means more than just a name. 
Another favorite -

This experience just proves the power of prayer.  If you have any doubt about the power of prayer this story is proof that prayer can lead to healing.  When people pray to God, He hears them.  I was told that it could be months before I had my energy back.  It was two weeks.  Two weeks and not months and months!  Physically, I am good.  Emotionally, I am good.

Do I have ugly cry days?  Oh yeah!  At least once a month.  It's not pretty.  But ultimately God is sovereign and His plan is perfect.  We both know that God has a great plan for our family. 

So, that's where we are.  Trusting God's plan and living in hope.  We have the best friends and family.  We love you so much and thank you for your prayers, love, and support.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Devastated and Blessed (part two)

This is part two of three.  If you'd like to read the first part click here.  To read about our infertility story click here.
The emergency room was another blur.  Those doctors and nurses are awesome!  I seriously though about baking them cookies or sending pizzas.  They thought at first I had that nasty virus going around.  Matt had been to the ER weeks before for it and they were packed with people who had that stomach bug.  I remember someone asked if I could be pregnant.  I told them I was late so go ahead and do a test.  I know I told myself to not get my hopes up because my last infertility appointment ended with me being told that I would pretty much not get pregnant without significant intervention.  
I'm lying in my ER bed with Matt next to me and the doctor came in and said, "You're pregnant.  Not just a little bit, but like 7-8 weeks pregnant."  We praised God and I remember thinking if I need to be this sick for the next nine months Lord I will do it.  I told the doctor that I had a bad pain in my side.  They brought in a sonogram machine.
I've had enough sonograms in my life to know pretty quickly that something was wrong.  I'm not sure what a baby would look like but I didn't see one.  Then she angled the machine away from us.  She slid the wand up my side.  Uh oh.  The clincher was when I asked how things were looking and she said the doctor would talk to me.  Those techs are usually pretty chatty so I knew it wasn't going to be good. 
They wanted to do an internal sonogram but I couldn't get up to empty my bladder.  I don't think I passed out again but I do know I just couldn't get up.  The doctors decided I didn't need that test, that it was pretty clear I needed emergency surgery.  Yes, I was 7-8 weeks pregnant but it was ectopic.  The baby didn't make it to the uterus.  It was trying to grow but was stuck in the fallopian tube.  The fallopian tube isn't made to grow a baby.  The surgeon was there by then explaining to me they had to do emergency surgery. 
Matt called our family and text our friends.  They spread the word and people prayed for me.  Big time prayers were sent up on my behalf. 
I woke up in my hospital room with Matt next to me.  The next day I had so many visitors.  I have a hard time remembering who all came to visit me.  So many people came.  So many people prayed over me.   Matt's parents cleaned our house and friends called Matt and said they were coming for Pickles.  I really don't even remember how many days I was in the hospital.
I remember meeting with the surgeon and he told us about the surgery.  He told us that the tube had ruptured.  The baby was close to the uterus, like so close.   Which is why I had lost a lot of blood, the internal bleeding is what caused me to pass out.  My blood count was very very low.  I had two transfusions.  Apparently we got to the hospital just in time. 
It was New Year's Eve when I went home.  My mom came to help.  I was pretty weak and tired at first.  It took me about a week and a half to feel okay.  By the time we went for my follow up with the surgeon my blood counts were back to normal.  I went back to work after two weeks.  I think I'll save the next part for how I'm doing now.  Overall, good.  This loss will never leave us.  This baby will always be our first and we will always miss him/her.  But I'm good.  Read part three.
Luke 8:48 "He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace."
I'll share more in another post.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Devastated and Blessed (part one)

I don't even know where to begin.  This post will be sad and joyous all at once. We are devastated. We are blessed.

I wasn't going to write this post.  I was going to keep this one between me, my family, and the people that love me.  But it's been on my heart to share this not only in my "trying to conceive" journal but to type it out.  I guess my prayer is that someone will stumble across this and see their story in what happened to us and not feel so alone.  That by leaning in hard on The Lord, the ultimate healer, their hearts can be mended and their bodies healed.  So here it goes...

We are devastated... our first child is in heaven.  We didn't get to hold him or hear a heartbeat.  We lost him/her to an ectopic pregnancy.  We nearly lost me.  Here's our story.

I woke up on December 28, 2013 feeling sick.  I was going to take a pregnancy test that day because I was  few days late.  But I woke up sick and my first thought was well I won't be peeing on any sticks today.  Then about 15 minutes later I woke up again knowing I was going to be sick.  I made it to the door.  The next thing I know Matt is standing over me saying "Lisa Lisa honey you passed out!"  He helped me back in bed.  I was so nauseated!  We thought it was a virus because at Christmas there was more than one sick person there and he had been sick the week before.  He got me some anti-nausea medicine and I slept. 

At some point I woke up again feeling like I was going to be sick.  Matt came to help me to the bathroom and I passed out again.  Again he's yelling my name.  Things are a bit of a blur for me from here on out.  I know I lost it.  Lost all control of my bodily functions and everything inside my stomach and intestines came out. I couldn't get up with out passing out so I just laid there getting sick in bed as my sweet husband tried to help me.

It was clear that I needed to get to a hospital.  Matt called my brother to help get me to the car.  But I kept getting sick and any time I moved I passed out.  He called an ambulance because there was no way they were going to be able to move me.

When the EMT's arrived I remember my blood sugar was high, they could never find my blood pressure, and I realized I was also in pain on my right side.  Like sharp stabbing pain that started in my stomach and went up to my shoulders.  Because our house is so small they couldn't use traditional stretcher so they were going to pick me up and put me on this chair thing.  Yep, passed right out again.  I maybe threw up on one of them.  In my mind one was new and one was old.  The new guy wanted to just put me on the chair and go regardless of my ability to stay conscience upright.  The old guy got permission to give me IV fluids and ordered another crew to come help.  Thank you old guy!

The second crew came (in a fire truck apparently) and they strapped me to a body board. The old guy handed me the IV bag and said, "Hold this and close your eyes."  Somehow they maneuvered me out to the ambulance and off we went.  I know Matt was with me only because he told me.  I also know that Johnny, Sonia, and Jackson were there too by then and followed with Matt's car.

I'll share more in another post.  Here is part two and here is part three.

(I'm pretty sure the only readers here are people that love me but maybe this will make it's way to someone who needs to read it.  Maybe I'll share it with more than my loved ones.)