Sunday, January 17, 2016

Crochet Granny Square Afghan

It's finally finished! 

I've been working on my granny square afghan off and on for a year.  I used yarn from old projects that I have done.  But the best part is that some of the yarn I inherited from my grandmas.  Both of my grandmas.  I just love that!  I am such a sentimentalist. 

Above is a look from our bed.  We have a queen size bed, so it's not quite bedspread side but it's perfect for snuggling on the couch.  Which is exactly what I have been doing since I finished the border last night. 

It is 10 squares by 10 squares.  I made all the squares first.  When I had 100 I laid them out on the floor in a random pattern.  Then I just moved a few around to make sure that the same colors weren't touching.  I'd stich one set of squares together, then attach it to the previous row.  I added a border with five of the colors. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Home is where the heart is

I've been wanting to spruce up our decor lately. For a time I felt like since this isn't our forever house I didn't really need to do too much. Even though I have lived here a decade and it's been our home for five years.  I remembered my younger self not waiting around to live my life. Where did that girl go?  So time to put more of me, more of us in this house.  Even though I don't really love the layout anymore. Even though we have a serious storage issue in the kitchen. Even though we hope to move in a couple years. Time to love my space again. Dog hair and all!

Chief dog hair culprit above!

I have seen people use words in their kitchens. Big words. Words like gather, faith, joy, family, EAT. ��. I've even seen simple shapes used. 

I thought why not combine the two?  Why not create a visual representation of something I've believed my whole life and that is home is where the heart is. Home is where your people are, memories are made, lives are lived, and more. 

So the search began for just the right size letters and a heart to use as the O. 

These cardboard letters were at Hobby Lobby for half price.  I picked up some red paint and headed home. 

I used some of my leftover turquoise paint from the dresser project. When Matt saw this laid out on the table he had no idea why I was painting the word hem. 

I am really happy with how it turned out. Home is where my heart is. 

Don't mind me in the above photo.  Someday I'll use my actual camera to take photos. Just like someday I'll use an actual computer to blog. ��


Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Check it out!  The devotional I wrote is over on Fulfilled Ministries blog. 

Devos are more difficult for me to write.  Devos are more about imparting some knowledge or food for thought.  I feel like I am still learning so much every day about the grace of God and who He is.  I'm so unworthy to write even a short bit about Him and His word.  I only wrote 3 or 4.  I prayed before each one and wrote the words I felt.  Blogs are easier, more about me and my mess and how He saves me. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Going out on faith

I recently joined the women's ministry writing team at church.  They have a great website with all the things happening for women in our church and community,

I normally stick to this little corner of the web where it's safe. Only friends and family who already know me come to this space. But when I heard about this writing team something in my heart lit up. I tried to tell it no. But it continued in such a way that it could only have been God putting that excitement in there. So I said okay God I'll sign up and see what happens.

My first blog post went live today. It's a story you know, but still a powerful tale of the healing power of the Lord. I have a few devotionals coming as well.  There's a great team of writers.

Check it out here.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dresser Makeover

I have always really liked this dresser.  Chest of drawers?  Dresser? What's the proper term? Anyway...

The feet, the drawer pulls, the construction, the solidness of it, and of course the family history. I'm a sucker for old things with some sentimentality thrown in!  

This piece, along with a long dresser, made its way to our garage after my dad, husband, and brothers cleared out my brother's storage unit. 

We intended to sell them. We had them out at the infamous 50 cent garage sale at $50 each.  Lots of people looked. Lots of people loved them. Some took measurements. No takers. 

I was going to give them to Matt's sister but she got some from their grandma's house. So I decided to keep them. They are better than what we have. 

But our house has SO MUCH wood. Seriously, can't wait for a house with a little carpet.  I decided to paint them. There are a few gouges and it really should be stripped and refinished if I were to keep the wood finish. 

Yes, I took pictures of one of the gouges. I had one person say she couldn't believe I would paint this beautiful dresser. Until I showed her this picture. 
Chalk paint is all the rage on the designer blogs so I did a little research and found that is just what I was looking for.  I found some that fit my budget needs and picked a color. 

This paint is from Lowes. It's Valspar brand chalky finish. It is so much more affordable than any of the other popular brands. I like that you can tint it any of the Valspar colors. I chose Exotic Sea. It's bright, it's blue, it's me!  

Here's the first coat. 

I saw this trick to use plastic grocery bags in your paint tray. It makes clean up easy and saves a few bucks on those disposable liners. Great for small jobs especially!

I kind of like the look with one coat but Matt thought one more would be nice.  I do not regret doing another coat. This looks amazing!  

I had an inspiration piece that I saw at Costco for $300. It had a brown top. It was fake wood and flimsy. When I did the first coat I shared it on Facebook and took a vote about the top. A natural top won by a landslide. The ultimate vote that trumps all votes came from Mom. She liked the natural top so it's a winner for sure. 

It's really more of a turquoise than the lighting shows. It's in the office on the front of the house. No natural light, one small fixture. Anyway. It's gorgeous and has become our linen closet. I love it! 


Monday, September 7, 2015

State Fair 2015

Edit:  just noticed this failed to post back on August 24. So here's our fun day at the Missouri state fair. 
Matt had the day off yesterday.  I took the day off so we headed out to the Missouri State Fair.
It was really fun!  We started with 25 cent chocolate milk followed by a corn dog at 10am.  

I don't think we ever really went to the state fair as a kid. I wouldn't have appreciated it back then anyway. I love all the different buildings with the animals. The building with art and photography is cool. I checked out the floriculture building and thought it was pretty neat. Of course I love love the home ec building. Cakes, cookies, pies, quilts, crochet, crafts, canning. That's my kind of place!  I was one person away from getting to try the pies. I probably would have loved a career teaching home ec or something along those lines. 

Matt tried his hand at a hole in one. 

Check out the biggest pumpkin and watermelon in the Ag building. 

And the award winning meat!  It was from moberly. 

We had a tasty lunch at the beef house. I didn't take a picture of it. But it was good. I did get our dessert. Deep fried Oreos!! Oreos dipped in funnel cake batter, deep fried, then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Yum, yum, yummy!

Here it is up close. A thing of beauty! 

Otto the talking car!  He's a big deal. He's pretty famous. 

They had rabbits this week in the rabbit/poultry house. This guy looks like the velveteen rabbit. 

Rabbits everywhere!  Can you believe my husband has never seen Night of the Lepus?  

Cows are so cute!

But it doesn't get much cuter than this! 

Check out these giant horses!  Amazing how gentle they seemed. They are Belgian work horses. 

These two were kissing. Aww! Love!

This was maybe one of our favorite things we happened upon. They were having a cattle herding contest.

There were 2 pens with 10 young cows each. Each cow had a number on it. They all huddled together at one end of the pen. 

There would be 2 cowboys/girls in the middle. The announcer called a number and 1 cowboy would go in and round up that cow. The second would guard the middle and try to only let the called cow over to the other side. 

Then they had to herd the cows over in numerical order. It was really fun to watch. 

Overall, I give the state fair an A+ for a fun day with my sweetie. We had a great time together!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Oh Friday - July 24

I've been in kind of a funk this week. Extra grumpy and blah feeling. Probably not enough vacation time last weekend, I'll share our fun Memphis trip later. I'll snap out of it. So instead of a high five Friday it's just an oh Friday. Ha!

1. My drivers license is about to expire. I sent this picture to Matt with the caption this is how I feel about my new picture. 

Lol!  It's really not terrible. But compared to my old one that's how I feel about it. Here you go, the old one and the new one (that's the temporary one).

2.  When I was at the dmv the line was out the door. But it's so hot we all crammed in without regard to our personal space. A heat wave will do that. I was at the tail end of the line. There were 4 workers - 3 for car tags and 1 for drivers licenses. I got so lucky because even though I was at the tail end I was the second person waiting for a new license. I skipped right ahead. Score!

3.  Another funny from the dmv, besides my picture. She read the info on my old license and when she said the weight I had to have her repeat it. Apparently, I haven't changed my weight since I was 16. I was sure I had upped the number at my last renewal. I just laughed and moved that number up. It really tickled me!  

4. I did a little retail therapy and got a walk in at Costco today.  I walked every aisle to get a little exercise in stopping for only the good samples. And 3 pounds of chocolate chips.  Among other things. 

5.  Joey fixed my iPad!  I was sure that thing was dead. But he did it!  Yay and thanks brother!

6.  We have tomatoes!!!  There are 3 little green tomatoes on the plant. There are some flowers that I hope will become cherry tomatoes too.