Thursday, September 11, 2014

High Five for Friday

I feel like this week has raced by!  The week started with warm temperatures and is endng with cool sweater weather. 

1.  Last Sautrday we helped our friends (and small groups leaders) move into a new house.  It went pretty quick and was easy for me. I was put on baby duty so the heaviest lifting I did was of a 7 month old baby.  It was great to be able to help them because they have really been a blessing in our lives.  

2.  On Sunday we went to the Chiefs home opener. We had fun but it was hot and they stunk up,the joint!  We tailgated with friends before hand. Good times!

3.  Matt has been off this week and doing some honey do projects in between spending time with family. My favorite project of his was this...

4.  This song is my new jam. I can't believe it's Mercy Me!  Click the link please!  The words, so good.

5.  Today Matt and I had a day date. Love this man of mine!  We started with lunch at Grinders, then walked around Crown Center and Union Station. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

High Five for Friday

I come here today with either a head cold or allergies. The sweet lady at the pharmacy said, "Oh sweetie you need this. You sound terrible. Go home and take this and rest" as I purchased a decongestant.  Thankful for kind strangers.

1.  Last Saturday was party day!  We celebrated Owen's first birthday. Then had a fantasy football draft all at Chuck and Amanda's house. 
Evalyn and Aunt Judy. 
Jack and Sonia
The birthday boy

2.  Sunday I went wedding dress shopping with Maggie and Autumn. Mags and Patrick are getting married next month. I have pictures but obviously can't post them even though I have about 4 readers. :)

3.  Pickles knows how to do Labor Day. I joined her soon after this photo. 

4.  We went to the Royals game this week. They won!

5.  My faves. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Boy, it's been a long time since I've posted a weekly wrap up top five things from my week. So I'll just dive right in!
1.  Last Friday I went to the pool with these cuties. Oh the love!  They are getting so big!  They are so big that Sawyer was at school. Ugh!  Stop!

2.  Matt and I found a new dog park to take Pickles. So we loaded her up in the car and took her down. She was a little suspicious. 

But she had fun. 

3.  A rose from my love is a great excuse to use this super cute baby vase. 

4.  Another trip to a different park with Pickles. We had a small group family picnic. Of course we had to bring our dog-child. 

I think she's bored with us in this one.  Yawn!

5. These are surprisingly not gross. They are actually tasty and quite addictive. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

40 in Fort Myers - August 7-10

Matt and I had the most amazing time in Ft Myers, Florida for my 40th birthday. 

The weather was great, the water was perfect, the sunsets were amazing,it was just what we needed. We took books and magazines to read on the beach and left them all upstairs in our room with our iPhones. Our room overlooked the ocean. OVERLOOKED!  I thanked God numerous times for the perfection of it all. Many many times I said that I never ever in my life thought I would stay in a place like that. It was the view, the sand, the simplicity of the trip. All shared with my number one main squeeze, my love who stood by me through some pretty crappy times last year and through some pretty awesome times. 39 was full of ups and downs, hope lost and hope given, friends new and old, friends new who feel like old, deepening faith, and love galore. In my life every decade has been better than the last so watch out 40s here I come!  

Enough words.... Here is my #40inFtMyers.

If you've made it this far thanks for reading and looking.  All of these photos were taken with our iPhones because our computer has pretty much bit the dust.  I still have photos trapped on my camera from spring. 

We stayed at the Diamond Head Beach Resort on Fort Myers Beach. I most definitely recommend them if you are going to FMB. Clean rooms, easy beach access, a nice hotel pool, three restaurants, nice staff, close but not too close to the action, and reasonable prices. 

We used the Ambassador Transportation service. I'm used to being picked up at a Florida airport by one of my parents when they lived in Florida a few years ago. Let me tell you this service is the next best thing.  Courteous, friendly, prompt, and knowledgable. No better way to travel to and from the airport!  

Saturday, August 2, 2014

High Five for July

So last night did a really long post about how since I have been missing the weekly round up I did a month in review. July was an awesome month!  So much fun spending time with friends, family, and more. I had individual pictures for each day with a little description. But this morning when I went to check it out it was gone. Just one day published and no pictures!  Ugh!  I spent over an hour on that post. Take my word for it, July was awesome! :). Here's my monthly photo collage. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Turquoise Earring Repurpose

I have these earrings that I LOVE!  My brother and sister in law gave them to me for Christmas one year. They are long and dangly and swingy. But I haven't worn them much lately.

They are so swingy it was hard to get a photo on my ear.  I pull them out once a week and think man I wish these were shorter.  So today made them shorter and after a run to Hobby Lobby I had a new necklace and earring set. 

First let me show you the before. 

I love the colors. I love the filigree. I love them and wanted to get more wear out of them. 

Here's the after. 

I purchased a 30 inch chain that was on sale. Using pliers I pulled apart the jump rings on the earring and put them on the chain. 

I'm so excited about my "new" necklace and earring set!  For $2.00 and a little work I got a set that would cost at least 10 times as much in a store. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

High Five for Friday - June 28

1.  What a great time I had celebrating Maggie's 40th birthday!  We had our hair and makeup done.  I told the make up lady to go for it and boy did she!  I felt way too done up in the afternoon and wasn't sure about a bold eye AND lip color.  But it was very fun and I loved the look!  After that we had a little girl time and margaritas then headed home to change clothes and grab our guys. We went to P&L to have dinner at Makers Mark. It was awesome!  There was a free concert with a great band. Just a wonderful night celebrating friendships. Here's me with Maggie and Autumn at Makers Mark. 

Here's Matt and I. My love!

2.  On Sunday we got to babysit Jack and Evalyn. I cherish these times with our nephew and niece. Here Jack just got up from a nap. 

Matt and Evalyn. I'm enamored with these two. 

3.  Doesn't everyone have 4.5 pounds of chocolate chips in their cupboards?

4.  I thought it was especially lucky to find a heads up penny from 1974.

5.  This week was so busy but I feel so humbly blessed to have been a little part of the 3rd annual GHI fundraiser. I prayed that God would bring people that had a heart for the work and that we would fill that place up. That's what happened. It was a great night!  If you want to learn more about GHI click here