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Friday Five #6

Here's my view.   This photo was taken after an hour of snow.  It's been about half an hour since then and the snow hasn't stopped coming down.  I'm preparing for another weekend of hibernating.

TWO Yesterday Matt and I celebrated Valentine's Day with our traditional lasagna and garlic bread.  I had a dessert planned but we ended up going out to grab groceries in case the snow they called for actually came.  Good thing, because as you can see above it did. 
THREE My friend surprised me with a Galentine's gift.  I just leaned that's an actual thing nowadays.  So sweet.  The socks say I am a blessing on top and Blessing on the bottom.  Cute!
FOUR I recently found a new Youtuber that is brilliant!  Go to YouTube and find Cupcake Jemma. 
FIVE I have been getting over a cold all week.  It hit me last Thursday and by Friday I was coughing and sinusy.  It developed into a sore throat by Saturday.  I was down for the count.  Never had a fever but felt yuck!  Matt t…

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