Sunday, June 29, 2014

Turquoise Earring Repurpose

I have these earrings that I LOVE!  My brother and sister in law gave them to me for Christmas one year. They are long and dangly and swingy. But I haven't worn them much lately.

They are so swingy it was hard to get a photo on my ear.  I pull them out once a week and think man I wish these were shorter.  So today made them shorter and after a run to Hobby Lobby I had a new necklace and earring set. 

First let me show you the before. 

I love the colors. I love the filigree. I love them and wanted to get more wear out of them. 

Here's the after. 

I purchased a 30 inch chain that was on sale. Using pliers I pulled apart the jump rings on the earring and put them on the chain. 

I'm so excited about my "new" necklace and earring set!  For $2.00 and a little work I got a set that would cost at least 10 times as much in a store. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

High Five for Friday - June 28

1.  What a great time I had celebrating Maggie's 40th birthday!  We had our hair and makeup done.  I told the make up lady to go for it and boy did she!  I felt way too done up in the afternoon and wasn't sure about a bold eye AND lip color.  But it was very fun and I loved the look!  After that we had a little girl time and margaritas then headed home to change clothes and grab our guys. We went to P&L to have dinner at Makers Mark. It was awesome!  There was a free concert with a great band. Just a wonderful night celebrating friendships. Here's me with Maggie and Autumn at Makers Mark. 

Here's Matt and I. My love!

2.  On Sunday we got to babysit Jack and Evalyn. I cherish these times with our nephew and niece. Here Jack just got up from a nap. 

Matt and Evalyn. I'm enamored with these two. 

3.  Doesn't everyone have 4.5 pounds of chocolate chips in their cupboards?

4.  I thought it was especially lucky to find a heads up penny from 1974.

5.  This week was so busy but I feel so humbly blessed to have been a little part of the 3rd annual GHI fundraiser. I prayed that God would bring people that had a heart for the work and that we would fill that place up. That's what happened. It was a great night!  If you want to learn more about GHI click here

Friday, June 13, 2014

High Five for Friday! June 13

1.  I'm always so proud of my husband (even when he gets 7th place).  But on Sunday he got FIRST place in his golf tournament. Good job honey!  It's a pretty awesome trophy!  Plus he won some gift cards to the golf store. 

2.  I got a new grater and let me tell you it is amazing!  Matt and I were at Target one night and I mentioned that we will need a new grater soon because the one we got for our wedding was beginning to crack. I picked out the same one we have. But he said why don't we get this one. It's like the Rolls Royce of graters!  It's huge with big and small shred sides. Plus it comes with a container and lid that fit on the bottom.

3.  This ice cream is everything you want in an ice cream. I dream about this stuff!

4.  Our small group has been reading Ephesians. At girls night we read chapter 4 and discussed.  My favorite verse is 29. Here's my paraphrase - if you can't say something nice just don't, use your words to build others up. The next day I saw these posters I had never really paid attention to hanging in the children's hall. 

5. Last night Matt and I tried out a new to us restaurant called the Liberty Bend Fish Market. It's off the beaten path. They serve po'boy sandwiches, catfish, shrimp, and I saw frog legs on the menu! Matt had the catfish and I had the shrimp po'boy. Both were yummy! The hush puppies were good (not the sweet kind we used to get in Florida but good).  The fries were delish!  They had BBQ that smelled good that we'll try next time or the chicken strips.  

I'm babysitting Jack today so there may be another "Jack & Geeby" post coming soon. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Super Saturday!

Where did May go?  Is it really already June 7?  Wow!  

1.  It's no secret I love baking. I love anything in the kitchen but baking is a favorite. I have only had French macarons once before. They were so good. If you have ever read any food blog you have seen macarons and heard how tough they are to make. So I tackled them recently and they really aren't that hard. It just takes patience and a fearless baking attitude. I followed a recipe by Martha added some chocolate and made a vanilla buttercream. Yum yum yum!  Even the batch I over baked was really good. 

2.  I started a new baby afghan. I mean I have been working on so many baby projects for friends and family.  This one I'm using an easy stitch in navy, white, with tan color blocking. I'll show the finished product soon. 

3.  Matt and I booked my 40th birthday beach get away. We are staying here. 

4.  Pretty flowers from my sweetie. 

5.  I've seen a couple of good movies recently. Matt and I saw ten new X-men movie. It was good action and fun. I saw Fault in Our Stars with Jill today. What a tear jerker!  Matt and I watched the Star Trek movie from last summer on netflix last week. It was great!  Netflix recommended we start watching the series Firefly afterwards and it's pretty good too. 

6.  Crazy Friday night at target last night. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

High Five for Friday! May 23

This has been a pretty great week. 

1.  Matt's birthday was on Saturday and I made him these chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. Best part is they only made two!  I'll share the recipe soon. 

2.  Keeping in the delicious food category. I made a tasty salad for dinner on Tuesday. No recipe just chop everything up an throw it in a bowl. It had lettuce, spinach, strawberries, green onion, chicken, goat cheese, and pecans. The dressing was a squeeze of lemon, olive oil salt, and pepper. Delish!

3.  Our peonies are gorgeous this year!  My pink ones are finally coming in big after being transplanted a couple years ago. 

4.  I was standing in line at Walmart and this cute old man in overalls turned and said hello. Then asked if I had ever seen a million dollar bill.  I said no. He pulled this out of his wallet and said, "here this is for you.  Don't forget you are one in a million."  Then he said to make sure my husband knows I'm his million dollar babe.  What's even cuter is that he had a stack of them in his wallet.  

5.  I got to hold a another brand new baby today!  Remember the friend I made the puppy hat for?  Well, Jennifer's little boy decided to come a little early. In fact she missed the baby shower we threw for her and Jenni because she went to the hospital that night!  They named him Avery Brandon and he was born on their 10th wedding anniversary. Pretty awesome!  His stats are pretty much the same as Evalyn. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014


A couple of months ago Jackson started calling me Geeby.  We have no idea where he came up with that but he's very clearly talking about me.  He sees me and calls me Geeby.  He was outside with the guys once playing with rocks and he picked one up and said Geeby.  Matt opened the door and he brought me the rock.  He did the same with a dandelion. 

One day while Mom and Dad were in town we had gone shopping while Johnny, Sonia and the kids napped.  When we returned Dad says, "Well, there's Jack running down the sidewalk."  Johnny was chasing after him.  They had been playing in the driveway and Jack made a run for it.  Johnny had him and told him he needed to go home.  Jack threw himself on the ground having a good old tantrum.  I just said, "Hey, what's going on here?"  He heard me, jumped up, threw his arms in the air, and yelled, "Geeby!"

I guess while I was at work the first week after Evalyn was born, Jackson kept asking for Geeby.

I went over there last Sunday to drop off dinner.  I went in the house and Jack was eating a pop tart.  He smiled big and said, "Here Geeby."  He offered me the rest of his pop tart.  Then he crawled up on the couch, patted it with his hand and said, "Sit Geeby."  Oh man!  It was all I could do to not throw the meatballs down on the carpet and sit right then and there. 

Geeby is pronounced g(as in goat)-ee-bee.  We have all wracked our brains but can't figure out where he came up with this.  Aunt Lisa and Geeby don't sound anywhere close to each other.  There are no friends or TV characters that sound like Geeby.  Who knows?  But I LOVE it and I hope it sticks forever.  I may make all my nieces and nephews start calling me Geeby.  Ha! 

He does know that I am Aunt Lisa and he has called me that.  But Geeby is my name.  And I'll take it!


Our newest niece, Evalyn Mae, was born on May 5, 2014.  It's been a couple years since we've had a new baby around.  I forgot how tiny they are. She is absolute perfection!  Here are a few pictures of her.  We all are crazy in love with her already.