Old Enough

I had a lot of time to wait yesterday after my eye doctor appointment.  They dilated my eyes and I could not see to drive.  I prepared for that fact by bringing some coffee money and a book.  The coffee shop was across the street.  I didn't anticipate the fact that I wouldn't be able to read.  Ha!  So I used dictation to text Matt, called my dad but talked to my mom, listened to a podcast and a half, then I took a walk around the neighborhood.  After that I sat in my car and dictated to my notes app this post.  It was prompted by the fact that my eye doctor looked about 20.  #deepthoughts

I'm old enough...

  • to wonder if I could be my eye doctor's mom.
  • to need to worry about things like blood sugar.
  • to get a few more aches and pains in the ol' bones and muscles.
  • where the thought of going to bed after 11pm does not sound like fun at all.
  • to be called ma'am regularly and appreciate it fully.
  • to value small things in life.
  • to think about retirement funds.
  • to know how to live within a budget.
  • that being without a TV is not torture. The same goes for a microwave and dishwasher.
  • to attempt to fix said dishwasher with tools and youtube.
  • to be okay with saying no to things.  Even things that are good and fun.  Even when your sweet friend is speaking and a lot of your other friends are going.  
  • to change careers and find that you love it and are fulfilled by the work you do.
  • to not be afraid of taking a risk because God has proven time and again that he is faithful and good all the time. Sometimes He is even so generous it blows your mind.
  • to also know that God's idea of good and my idea of good are not always one and the same.
  • that I remember the days of house phones, cables, cords, and TVs that were huge and bulky.
  • to know that life is all about the people you love.


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