Friday Five!

1.  I am really enjoying my Bible study.  Priscilla Shirer is really breaking down the Armor of God in a way that is interesting, challenging, and insightful.  I missed a night and was able to watch online from the couch.  I really like the ladies in my group too.  Fun way to study God's Word.

2.  Matt and I recently discovered Noosa.  We've tried salted caramel and pumpkin.  Well I tried pumpkin, Matt's not a pumpkin fan.  Crazy man!  Noosa is kind of pricey but if it's ever on sale or you want a special treat try it.  I wrote a haiku about it.
Oh, Noosa, Noosa
Creamy, Delicious, Noosa
Better than ice cream

3. The weather in Kansas City is delightful!  I like every season but by the time a new season comes I'm so ready for the change.  Fall isn't letting us down this year.  Pickles is a fan as well.  

4.  Speaking of Pickles.  These cold mornings make her a snuggly and cuddly little thing.  

5.  My friend, Jennifer, has a small business called The Cotton Grove.  She started with pillows and has branched off into scarves, headbands, hair ties, things for the wall. As soon as I saw the blanket scarves I had to have one.  She even added a pretty little lace border just for me, which you can't see in this picture.  Love it!  

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