Made by Me: Scrappy Poncho

Well, I finished my scrappy poncho.  Here's a preview of where it began.

I was inspired by a gorgeous brown and white poncho with buttons.  But before I spent a lot of money on fancy yarn and buttons I wanted to see if I could make it work.  After a long search, on Pinterest and Ravelry.  I decided to follow the traditional method since it looked the most straightforward and seemed to be the same construction as the inspiration poncho. 

I used the measurements from this diagram to help me figure out dimensions. 

I grabbed my yarn scraps and set to work.  Because I was working with so many colors I created a pattern that would allow for repetition and interest.  Colors were chosen at random.  

Here are the two rectangles lying on the floor.

I stitched them together and added a border around the edges.  And here is the finished product, photo taken not professional blogging light but you get the picture.  :)  I am also three days post fibroid removal surgery sporting some top knot love and my giant sweat pants.

Here's the pattern I used and made up as I went along.  Keep in mind this written was mostly for myself so I would remember what I was doing. If you happen upon this and think, "Hey I'd like to make a scrappy poncho too." but need further instruction I'd be happy to help.

Scrappy Poncho
Chain 62. A {ch 2 counts as first stitch}
1. DC in 3rd ch from hook (60 DC)
2. Ch 2, turn DC in each DC (60)
3. Ch 2, pick up color B turn,* DC, ch 1, skip next * across DC in last ch2 spot
4. Ch 2 turn, DC in DC and ch 1 space
5. Ch 2, pick up color A turn, DC across (60)
6. Repeat row 5 with color C
7. Repeat row 3 color C
8. Ch 1, pick up color D, turn, SC 60 across (in DC and ch space).
9. Ch 3 turn, TC 60 across
10. Color E, repeat row 2
11. Color F, repeat row 3
12. Repeat row 4
13. Repeat row 5 with color E
14. Color G repeat row 6
15. Repeat row 7
16. Color H row 8 & 9
17. Repeat rows 2-9 switching colors as appropriate.

Measure shoulder to wrist for width Length = (w x 2) + (neckline x 2)
Second rectangle width = shoulder to wrist Length = neckline x 2 W=22. N=10

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