Crochet Project

I think I've narrowed down my latest project. It involves yarn, of course!  If you follow me on Pinterest and have noticed what I've been pinning to my Yarn Love board you may be able to guess.

Did you guess it?  I've been inspired to make a poncho. After seeing this gorgeous poncho at a shop in Liberty I knew what was next. 

I actually made a poncho the last time they were really popular and sold it on eBay.  This was before Etsy was a thing.  But it's been a while.

I think I can figure out how to do a similar stitch as the one above.  It looks like a honeycomb stitch.  But before I tackle something awesome like that with the beautiful stitch and the buttons and neckline construction I'm going to try a sample.

I've named my sample the Scrappy Poncho because I'm using scraps of yarn I have in my stash. Not one scrap is enough to make an entire poncho so it's going to be very colorful.  I'm planning on 10 different colors, picking at random.  I am working different stitches in each row to make it even more interesting.  I should maybe name it the most interesting poncho in the world. 

I'm doing a simple construction method of creating two rectangles and sewing them together.  No buttons.  I'll probably do a border around the neckline and the outside. 

See what I mean about interesting and colorful?  It'll probably be a house poncho at this point. 

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