Fall Decorating

Here is the promised post of our fall decorations.  I really enjoy changing out things around the house for the seasons.  Let's start at the front door.
Matt's mom made this wreath for him before we even met.  I love it! 

I made this wreath with a fall garland that Matt gave me before we were married after I admired the wreath his mom made him.  He thought maybe I could make something with it.  I have this hanging on the wall just inside the door. 

This scarecrow sometimes lives on our front door.  He may get moved there after Halloween.  You know I'll change things out at Halloween!  I always laugh at the memories of this scarecrow.  This is another mother-in-law gift.  Nancy won a goodie basket in a raffle or something and this was one of the items.  She gave it to us and we brought it home to hang on the door.  But we put it on our coffee table and went about our day.  Pickles thought it was a toy for her.  There used to be a bird in the scarecrows hand and there was a lot more straw in his hat.  Ha!

Gordman's has some cute pumpkins.  This is a foam pumpkin.  Love!

Hopefully you met Max, Rudy, and Hyacinth. 

The coffee table got a new runner (need to get those wrinkles out) and a birdcage.

How cute is this birdcage?  It's another Gordman's find.  I figure this can be used for many seasons.  I thought about putting a candle inside but found these ceramic pumpkins at Hobby Lobby.  I put a ramekin at the bottom and covered it with fabric leaves to give the pumpkins some height.

I always have my Ikea canisters with these fake mums out.  I love mums!  The pumpkin crate is something I've had forever, along with the scarecrow, and the birdhouse that my grandma made.  I always put it out in the fall because the colors are perfect for fall. 

This little vignette is a favorite.  The flowers are from Matt from our fourth anniversary.  The traditional gift is fruit and flowers.  The little pumpkin I may have stolen from my mom.  :) 

The Give Thanks plaque is new from Gordman's. 

I'm still working on a few additions.  I need some new art on the gallery wall.  A Pinterest search led me to some cute things to print.  I just need to print them.  Maybe a couple new pillow covers.  If you have an Ikea trip planned check out their pillow covers.  I love changing out pillows, but we don't have the storage to have tons of pillows taking up space.  Pillow covers are the way to go. 

Thanks for checking out our fall decor! 


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