Fall Friends

Last weekend was a work weekend for Matt.  I used that time to deep clean the house, pulling out the oven and refrigerator to clean behind them.  The whole nine yards!  I'll spare you the picture of what was under our oven.  Gag!

After the house was cleaned up I felt it was time to get out the fall decorations.  I put out what we have, hung the fall wreaths, and decided we could use a few more cute things.  I'll share those decorations later.  But first... I have to introduce you to our new Fall Friends

Target is killing it with their cute fall decorations.  I had already purchased a few things elsewhere when I saw the cutest little animals all decked out in fall clothing.  There are coordinating pumpkins and wall decorations.  I took pictures of everything and sent them to Matt at work with the message that said, "Help me."  I walked away with out anything.  #restraint

Monday I came home from work and these three cuties had arrived at our house.  Let me introduce you.

This is Maxwell.  I love him because he looks like Sherlock Holmes with his little hat and tweed coat.  Check out that mustache!  He lets us call him Max.

This is Max's wife, Hyacinth.  She's a bit of a fuss budget but an all around good houseguest. Look at those eyes, nothing gets past Hyacinth.  Just don't call her Hy. 

They also have an adorable dog.  Rudolph is quiet dapper in his fall plaid.  I kind of want a scarf in that same pattern.  He goes by Rudy for short. 

Well, there you have it!  My sweet husband spoiling me with cute stuff and making me laugh as always.  Aren't they cute?


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