Time and Place: 1:27 pm, on my couch

Thinking:  How I am blessed beyond measure.  Yesterday I had surgery to removed what we thought was a polyp but turned out to be a fibroid.  It was an outpatient surgery and I am home recovering nicely eating food that was brought to us, reading a book that was given to me, and feeling the prayers and love of lots of friends and family.

Loving:  My people.  Some I'm related to, some I've known for decades (even though we feel like we're still kids), some I've known for just a few years, but God has put the best people in my life who show me the love of Jesus in everything every day.  My husband is number one among them.  He has taken the best care of me and loves me more than I deserve.

Wondering:  Honestly, about the implications of a fibroid in my uterus.  There is, I think, one that is in the muscle still that can't come out without a hysterectomy.  Wondering what the future holds in this situation.

Cooking:  Nothing!  Last night we had a tasty hamburger stew from a friend.  I wolfed down two bowls last night and one today.  Don't worry I shared with Matt.  Tonight we have some ham and cheese croissants to bake.  There is salad, cupcakes, cookies, home grown vegetables, and peanut butter M&Ms in our kitchen. 

Drinking:  Water, sprite, and fresca.  Also, coffee and tea.  Gotta get a little caffeine in somehow.

Reading:  I'm reading two books right now.  One is a sweet little romance called The Marine's New Family.  I'll have it done today.  My coworker gave it to me on Wednesday because it's a sweet story that is easy to read while your on pain pills.  Ha!  The other is called Secrets of a Charmed Life.  It's another historical fiction that sucked me in from the first chapter. 

Remembering:  To take my medicine. 

Listening:  Nothing right now.  I listened to my daily Bible reading and put the phone on the charger.

Looking at:  These flowers from my coworkers. 

Celebrating:  Life

Making:  Time to rest.  Maybe tonight I'll work on my scrappy poncho.  Just a few more rounds of the pattern, then construction, and probably a border.  Just in time for cooler weather to roll in. 

Craving:  Cheese dip, Gringo dip, always the white cheesy dip. 

Next up:  A nap.  Again.

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