Stranded: December - Christmas Movies

This month is Christmas Movies!  You know what I realized?  Two of my four movies from September are Christmas movies.  I guess I like Christmas movies.  I'm not sure about Hallmark movies.  I hear they are all the rage if you are into cheesy, predictable movies (nothing wrong with that). I did catch one that was delightfully cheesy and sweet.  No idea what it was called but it was exactly what I thought a Hallmark Christmas movie would be.  It was great!

Elf was on my list in September.  It's a must watch every Christmas season.

Love Actually was also on my September list.  Such a cute love story.  

Since I have already used those two movie I am picking three more.

1.  Christmas Vacation is another MUST watch Christmas movie.  I have many great memories of watching the Griswold's family Christmas with my brothers and parents.  We watched it when Mom and Dad were in town this weekend.  No matter how many times I see that movie, it never loses it's humor for me.

2.  I forgot that The Holiday is also a Christmas movie.  Another cute love story.  

 3.  Scrooged is such a fun take on the Christmas Carol.  Bill Murray is a crack up.

Here's an honorable mention: 

Die Hard is a Christmas movie!  LOL!  I tricked Matt into watching a Christmas movie last weekend.  I asked if he would watch a Christmas movie with me.  I'm sure he thought Elf or Christmas Vacation was on my mind.  Nope, we watched Die Hard.  

I have really enjoyed linking up for these monthly posts.  What fun!

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