Stranded in August - Footwear

This month's Stranded post is all about footwear.  Appropriate since I just cleaned my closet and got rid of a bunch of shoes that were just collecting dust.  Cute heels just aren't my thing anymore.


What would I need on a deserted island?

1.  Sturdy sandals like the Skechers or Chacos below.  I may actually buy these with my birthday money.

2.  Good tennis shoes.  Like something you could work out or hike in.  Function over fashion.  Gotta have some good shoes to Zumba.  

3.  My favorite Sanuk flip flops.  I have these.

But I would also want my favorite Dearfoam slippers, my Skechers, and my cute flats that are comfy and go with everything.  Oh, and some cute booties.  Hmmm, maybe Matt is right.  I may have a problem with shoes.  I just gave away an entire black trash bag full of shoes.  What was I thinking?

You can refresh your memory on the other items I'd take below.

Medicine Cabinet
Netflix Series
Famous People


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