Health Update - Part 2

Here is a follow up to my last health update.  It was so long I felt the need to break it up into two.

If you are still reading, I'm probably related to you or you just like me a lot.  Thanks, I like you too!

July 2016 - I had my follow up appointment with my gynecologist.  She reviewed the results of the sonogram.  I had already read them because modern technology and patient portals are a wonderful thing.  I have another polyp inside my uterus.  Much like the other one from three years ago, it's in the endometrial lining, is at the top, and has to come out.  So surgery is scheduled for October 6 to remove that. 

I also have a fibroid in the muscle of my uterus.  Now either this guy is new or was a good hider.  I'm thinking new.  Fibroids don't have to come out.  They will not turn cancerous like a polyp has the possibility of doing.  This could be causing some of my pain as well.  But given where it is I have three options.  1.  Major surgery to remove it, 2. Hysterectomy, or 3. Leave it and wait.  I guess you can figure out which option I chose. 

The day of this appointment I scheduled my follow up on the blood work.  I went back a few days later for that and my results were disappointing. 

My vitamin D went up to 26.  Still too low so another round of super strength vitamin D and we'll see what happens.

My hemoglobin (a1c) did not change. At all!  It was the same 5.9.  I was like are you sure you're looking at the right one.  Ha!  So back to square one on this.  My doctor (nurse practitioner actually) had said to 80/20 it.  Meaning 80% eat good meals and 20% enjoy.  I may have enjoyed too much.  I may have not eaten as healthily as I could have.  I did start tracking my meals on My Fitness Plan which I mentioned and lost 5 pounds without really trying in a month.  That's good and helps me know and remember what I've been eating.  I've been going to Zumba twice a week.  Good things I just need to step it up a lot.  I'll got back again in three months to check those numbers again.

I can do it, I just really like cookies. 

Matt sent me this funny meme with Cookie Monster because it's so me.  Anywhere that has free cookies is my kind of place! 
So prayers are appreciated for a successful and easy breezy surgery and a quick recovery.  For my vitamin D levels to go up and my a1c levels to go down and stay that way!  For stamina in healthier eating and working out. 



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