Post Surgery Update

Friday was my polypectomy surgery.  Mom and Dad came in town for it.  It was originally scheduled for 4:00 on Friday.  But the nurse I spoke to on Wednesday said it would be closer to 3:30 and to get there at 2:00.  No food after midnight and only clear liquids until 11:30 that morning.  I was nervous to say the least!  We figured if we left at 1:00 we'd get to Olathe with plenty of time.  Imagine my surprise when they called me at quarter 'til 1:00 to ask where I was and to tell me I was 20 minutes late.  They said they had called on Thursday and left a message but they hadn't left a message.  So I was frazzled heading out there.

Once I got checked in, Mom and Dad waited in the waiting room while Matt and I went back to get prepped for surgery.  I got my little gown on and my vitals taken.  All was great except they couldn't get the IV in.  Four tries and three nurses later I was finally hooked up.  Apparently, the fact that I had no fluids made it hard to find a vein.  I talked to the anesthesiologist and my doctor.  Then I was taken back into the operating room.  The last thing I remember is being told to move from my little bed on wheels to the operating table.  Then the nurse said she was going to put the anesthesia in and I would feel sleepy in about 20 seconds.  Yep!

The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room dreaming about pumpkin donuts and having my own Food Network show.  Ha!  I remember the doctor came and told me he had found one big polyp and removed it.  I ate some Teddy Grahams and drank some water.  The nurse helped me get some of my clothes on and move into a chair.  She went to get Matt.  I came to pretty quickly it felt like.    After they were sure I was stable, Matt went and got the car and my parents.  They loaded me up and took me home.  I relaxed, ate some dinner, and went to bed.

Saturday, I felt pretty crampy.  Ibuprofen and rest helped.  I have a prescription that I had taken at night.  I managed to go out to dinner Saturday night.  Sunday I tried to get out and about to church and then Aldi.  That was a little much for me.  When we got home I had some lunch and took a prescription pain pill.  Ugh!  I slept well but woke up nauseated.  That stuff doesn't mess around.  Ick!

Since I was still crampy and woozy from the drugs I took Monday off.  I am not supposed to be doing any heavy lifting until I get cleared from the doctor at my follow up (ie no picking up preschoolers).  That will be interesting when someone tantrums and needs to be safely physically moved.  Which happens every single day, more than once.  Ha!

I may know what the pathology report has to say about my former polyp this week but for sure next week at my follow up.  Praying it's a no big deal benign polyp.  Then we can move on to the next steps of our journey to become parents.


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