Women of faith - Saturday

 So I had typed up a post all about day 2 of Women of Faith. It was long, with hyperlinks to some of my favorite speakers, Bible quotes, and it was almost done. Then our laptop died and it was lost.  I think our laptop is a goner. Time for a new one, it was over 3 years old. 

Anyway, Saturday morning I met some friends from small group and we car pooled down to the Sprint center. Side note: parking for events down there is usually pretty scary and takes forever to get out. But not with this event. Women are so much nicer than dudes leaving rock concerts. 

First up Saturday was more great wroship music. Nothing like starting your day with 8000 women singing praise to God.  I listen to the CD on the way to work some days.  Love it!

The first speaker was pastor Dave Stone. He was great!  My favorite quote from him was "Satan knows your name but calls you by your sin.  Jesus knows your sin but calls you by your name."  Powerful!  He also said "I'm all in."  It was in reference to the woman who was banished from the city because of her disease where she bled. I'm totally butchering the story but she heard Jesus was coming and went into the city. She reached out and touched his robes.  Anyway, I'm all in is something that's been resonating in my faith life lately.  I've heard that phrase many times since then, even in our Sunday service at church. I'm not sure what it means exactly but something. I'll keep praying about it and when I figure it out I'll let you know. He also quoted Rick Warren, "God never wastes a hurt."  

Next up was pastor Sheryl Brady. She was a spitfire!  She looks very put together, pretty, petite, and super nice. But then she started talking and she has such a BIG voice. She probably didn't need the microphone.  My take away from her message was to get loud for Jesus.  It's kind of changed how I worship. If I feel moved to raise my hands in praise while we are singing well then I just do. My former self would have never thought of such a thing even if I wanted to I would have squelched that desire real quick. 

After that we had a lunch break then the band Mercy Me played. Up next were two of my favorites. 

Christine Caine spoke next. I was really looking forward to her.  She, Lysa from Friday, and Jen hatmaker all emceed. I knew Christine would stir my soul. I so wish I hadn't lost my other draft of this post. I'm not sure I will be able to explain as well typing on my iPad.  So she took the two miracles Jesus performed from Mark chapter 6. Usually, the story of the loaves and fishes and walking on water are told separately. But they happen together in the Bible.  The apostles have been preaching for days and they meet up with Jesus but so do 5000 men (and probably their wives and children). They are all hungry. The apostles want to send them away but Jesus tells them to gather what food they can. 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish (or vice versa). They're like we don't have enough but Jesus makes it enough for everyone. Then He has them clean up the fish bones and bits of bread and sends them on a boat to the next town. Well, the waters are rough and they are scared. Jesus sees them and walks out on water to them. They all freak out and think they are seeing a ghost. They forgot about the miracle they just witnessed hours before. They had forgotten about the loaves and fishes and if He could do that then He can surely perform other miracles. My notes from her message are too good not to type. 1.  It's not what you can't do, it's what God tells you to do.  2.  The ingredients for a miracle are in your midst. The apostles had just cleaned up the loaves and fishes from feeding thousands of people but they forgot about the miracle in their midst. 3.  Impossible is where God starts. 4.  Jesus blessed what was not enough. A handful of loaves and fishes for thousands of people?  Plenty with Jesus. 5.  There is fruitfulness in the breaking. I could go on and on here. But I won't. I highly recommend checking out her story. 

The last speaker was Jen Hatmaker. She's spicy!  She spoke a lot about bringing Christians together instead of being so divided.  You love Jesus, I love Jesus. That's enough. She talked about the bad reputation Christians have as being mean, bullies, inflexible, and just not nice people. She was really passionate about how we have to stop that.  Something interesting she spoke about was ministering to the less desirable people. Those are the people Jesus went to. She said it's great serving your church. But if we are only disipling the discipled who's serving the lost?  Again, she was amazing and I had way more to say. Definitely check out her website too. 

Okay if you are still reading thanks. Thanks for reading my ramblings. It was such a great experience. I feel so renewed and strong and more confident in my faith. If Women of Faith comes your way go.  


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