Women of Faith–Friday

A few weeks ago I was blessed to attend the Women of Faith conference at the Sprint Center.  The topic was Believe God can do anything.  I went with some of the ladies in my small group and a few other women from our church.  It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend to anyone.

Friday night I met up with a couple gals for dinner and then met the rest of the ladies at Sprint Center.  It started with the Gateway Worship team singing and leading 8000 women in come great worship songs.  Kari Jobe joined them.  Man, that girl is amazing!  She is so filled with love for Christ you could feel it in everything she sang.  Definitely check out her website and her music if you get the chance. 

After that Anita Renfroe performed.  She’s a comedian and a pastor’s wife.  She was super funny.  She was big on YouTube a while ago for her William Tell Momisms.  She had a new one that was a rap and she was just funny.

Next Lysa TerKeurst spoke.  She is president of Proverbs 31 Ministries.  She spoke about our reactions to conflict.  She has a book out called Unglued that goes more in depth with that.  But basically she said God gave us emotions to experience life, not destroy it.  She was so hilarious I was crying from laughing so hard.  Her last story about going scuba diving with her family and not being able to sink to the bottom without a ton of weight on her weight belt was great.  She finally made it down and a fish swam right at her daughter.  All the kids grabbed her and she dropped the weight and rose to the top.  The dive master chastised her for taking her eyes off the master.  She had an aha moment – keep your eyes on the Master.  Good stuff.

Friday night ended with Kari Jobe performing again.  Wow!  What a voice!  I bought the Gateway Worship CD because it has her on it.  I’ll post more about Day 2 of Women of Faith later. 


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