Stranded! in May

Okay this month is books.  Three books that I could not live without on a deserted island.  I imagine there would be plenty of times to sip drinks from coconuts and read all day.  There a so many great books that I love so this is a tough one!

1.  My Bible.  I never get tired of reading my Bible.  Every time I read a passage I learn something new about who God is and who I am in His image.  Even if I've read that passage a dozen times before.  Matt bought me this Bible for Christmas.  It's blue, so he knew I'd love it. 

2.  For the Love by Jen Hatmaker.  I love the essay format of this book.  Plus, it is laugh out loud funny.  I think if I'm stranded for too long I'll need some laughs.

3.  I had a tough time thinking of my third book.  Then it hit me!  I love cookbooks!  I just love reading them.  I like to read them from cover to cover like a novel.  I have a hard time choosing my favorite.  It's a tie between a classic and a new fave.

Classic is The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.  My youngest brother bought this for me one year.  I've had it for over a decade and haven't even come close to cooking everything in it.  It's full of classic recipes. 

My new favorite is really any of The Pioneer Woman's cookbooks. I love the stories, the pictures, and of course the recipes.  Right now I am reading through Dinnertime.  I have so many pages flagged with recipes I want to make first.
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  1. I remember really liking the second half of, For The Love! I love how she tells a story and makes it humorous. :)


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