What's Up Wednesday? May Edition

Here's the monthly What's Up in life post.  

What have I been eating this week? 
This week I tried the smoothie bowl. I know I'm about a million years behind the trend. Here's a photo.  The smoothie is strawberry kefir, spinach, and half a banana. On top, or more like plopped in, is the rest of the banana sliced, sliced strawberries, and slivered almonds. It was good, like a cold soup. I enjoy smoothies but sometimes a girl needs something to chew. 

What am I reminiscing about?

What I'm loving?
Checking out library books.  I haven't read on a regular basis in awhile. It's been so fun to read different genres from memoirs to Christian books to fiction.  I'll update my May reads next week. 

What have I been up to?
Getting back in the swing of things after being in Florida for a week. I'm not gonna lie it's not easy. 

What I'm dreading?
Summer going by in the blink of an eye. Does it seem like the days are just zipping by too fast?

What I'm working on
Bringing up my vitamin D. It was super low at my check up a few weeks ago. Not just low like it was caused by winter but alarmingly low. It makes me curious how long it has been like that. I'll do another post sometime about all the things that could be wrong with you that may be helped by healthy vitamin D levels. #gamechanger

What I'm excited about
My new Zumba class!  I love that I finally found a place where I can just take Zumba. It's so much fun and the ladies in the class are super nice. 

What I'm watching/reading
I don't really watch anything on the reg. But I've been loving Fixer Upper on Netflix. If we had cable I would only watch HGTV and Food Network. 

Reading The Paris Wife right now. I checked out the ebook real quick before our flight home last week because I knew I'd finish my book before we landed.  It's historical fiction. I like it. 

What I'm listening to
All the podcasts!

What I'm wearing
I got these new bright pink shoes for working out. 

What I'm doing this week
Catching up on life.  Celebrating our small group leaders tonight as they move on to lead and train new leaders.  

What I'm looking forward to next month
Next month is Vaughan family vacation. We are really excited to finally be able to go on the family trip. 

What else is new
Oh, you know, no big deal, but I have a new Instagram follower.

I'm sorry?  What's that?  You don't know who Jo Saxton is?  I nearly dropped my phone!  Instead I managed to screenshot that, put a little bedazzle on it, and send it to Matt and the ladies in my small group. I have seen her speak at If Gathering and heard her on The Happy Hour podcast. She has a podcast also about empowering women.  I had a little fan girl moment and made sure to start following her as well.  

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