Friday - Five Faves

I had this idea to post five favorite things on Friday that begin with F.  The Friday Five Faves.  The five F's are family, food, faith, fashion, and fun.  Maybe I'll do it every week.  Maybe not.  I used to enjoy coming up with Five Friday things and have a lot of old posts in that category.  You can read them here.

I even made that graphic.  #nerd  And the headers below.

Yesterday was Evalyn's second birthday.  I think you can tell by the pictures below that our little niece loves life in a big way and is such a joy.
Birthday Girl in her Ariel dress

Look at that cake!

Waiting on her bubba.

Brussel Sprouts.  Anyone who knows me will think I have been hacked.  I like them shredded in a salad.  I like them roasted in olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

My coworker has been organizing the 10 days of Prayer at church.  She and her team has arranged times of corporate prayer that sounds so cool. They took a little room off the gym and turned it into a prayer room.  It looks really nice.  I went in there today to take some prayer guides in there and didn't want to leave.  You can sign up for times by searching Liberty 10 Days of Prayer on Facebook or let me know and I'll add you.  It ends on May15, Pentacost, with a prayer walk around Liberty.  I'll be out of town but I like prayer walks.  I've done that in my neighborhood on times I've walked alone.  I just slow down and pray where I feel like I need to.

This necklace = big hearts of love!  It's from Noonday Collection, which I don't sell but love so much I should.  It's yellow, bright, and makes me happy. I try to wear it at least once or twice a week. 

Love spending time with this boy who calls me Geeby and has me wrapped around his little finger.  Four is a pretty fun age.   


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