Yoga Sling DIY Sandals

I got a little crafty and thrifty recently.  Do you know the Sanuk brand of shoes?  I just love their flip flops made with yoga mats.  You know how I am all about comfortable shoes.  Well, most flip flops don't fit the bill.  But the Sanuk brand shoes are great!

I have had 2 pairs of the yoga mat flip flops.  Since they are a little pricey I buy a pair every other year.  On sale.  They actually last that long! 

They have a version called the yoga sling where the part that goes between your toes is a soft fabric and there is a strap that wraps around your heel and over your foot.  I tried them on recently and really liked them.  But this is not a year to buy new Sanuks.  *insert sad face*

Not to be deterred I decided to make my own with an old pair of flip flops and an old t-shirt.

Here is what I started with.  A pair of flip flops I had already repurposed.  They weren't practical at all.  They sure looked cute but did not stay on my feet.  So chop chop!

I began with cutting four long strips from a soft blue t-shirt. 

I folded the fabric into thirds.  Then I wrapped one around my heel and used a pencil to stuff the ends through the hole at the top of the shoe. 

I took the next piece of fabric folded it into thirds and wrapped it over the top of my foot.  I stuffed one end in one hole by the arch of my foot and the opposite end in the opposite hole.  Here's a photo of the fabric coming out of the holes on the bottom.

I made sure to pull the fabric tight knowing it has a lot of stretch.  I don't want these flying off my feet!  I tied knots at the bottom and cut off the excess fabric.  Here's a photo of what the top looked like before I tightened and tied.

When the knots are tied you don't feel them at all when you walk.  There is a little divot on the bottom of the shoe where the old flip flop was.  You could probably hot glue the ends for extra security.  I'm going to just see how it goes. 

Below is the finished product.  I decided I liked the knotted version on the right so that's what I did on the left.  I've also included a precious puppy in the photo as an apology for having to see so many photos of my feet.  Pickles will make everything better.  Look at that sweet face and those soft ears.  She loves napping in the sun out on the deck.

UPDATE:  I tried them out on Friday while I was running errands.  They are just okay.  I realized that blued fabric, while soft and lovely, it's too stretchy.  The fabric needs to have a little bit of stretch but that shirt material was too stretchy.  Maybe I'll start over with a cotton fabric with less give.  Maybe I'll just keep my eyes peeled for a Sanuk sale. 


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