Five Faves - Florida style!

Well, my Five Faves are not coming to you on Friday.  A day late is better than not at all.  Right??  Matt and I just spent a wonderful week in Florida visiting Mom, Dad, and Joey.  We had a blast!  The weather was warm and sunny with a dash of rain thrown in for fun.  We are home in KC now and it's a beautiful sunny day in the 70s and we are freezing!  Ha! 

Our flight was supposed to be on Friday morning.  Thursday night I got a text that our flight had been cancelled!  We both got on the phone.  I was on hold for about 40 minutes when I got a recorded call that our flight had been moved to Saturday, same time different day.  Matt continued to hold and after over an hour found out they had issue with a plane.  We were each given a voucher for future travel and when we got to the airport they gave us $8 food vouchers to use in one of the three restaurants open.  Sanford is a big airport but it's a small market so nothing great is there, but there was a cinnabon.  I bought a giant cinnamon roll and coffee.  The cinnamon roll was good but let's just say it's a good thing the coffee was free.  Bleh!

Enough jabbering!  Here's my Five Favorites.

Mom and Dad's new house is awesome!  There's Matt in front of the house.  It's changed a lot since they moved in and cleared out dead trees and had it power washed.

Dad was cleaning out the banana trees. They have real bananas from their tree. I couldn't resist the photo op. There weren't any fresh ones for us to try and we never got around to making smoothies or banana bread with the frozen ones.  Maybe next time we'll do all three!

Matt and I enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood.  We stopped in front of some palm trees. The sun is setting behind us, but it's hard to tell.

We took a walk in Mount Dora at Palm Island park. Cool paths that go over the lake and through the woods. We saw a big alligator (our second of the day), some cool birds, and cute turtles sunning on a rock. Here's Mom and Dad in front of some live oaks with all that beautiful moss. 

There's nothing better than being outside enjoying all God has created.  I'm especially fond of the sun. 

I love this $3 Target hat for the beach and pool. I'm normally a ball cap (usually a Royals hat) kind of girl. For being out in the sun this does good at protecting my face, hair part, and ears. 

This cake is as good as it looks. Mom knows Matt likes chocolate cake and this did not disappoint!

We ate a lot of great food in Florida.  We ate at some new places and some old faves.  We also cooked a lot.  I managed to whip up some shrimp fried rice one night. 

Speaking of old faves - Twistee Treat, I adore your soft serve ice cream. Vanilla cone, rolled in rainbow sprinkles, dipped in chocolate. Perfection!

Monday was pool day. 

Tuesday was beach day. It rained so it wasn't a full day. But it was enough to fuel my soul until next time. 

I know that technically that's more than five things.  But it was such a great week!  I love Florida.  I love my parents.  I love that they took a chance over a decade ago and moved half way across the country for work.  I love that they found this little place to retire and live life.  It makes me so happy for them. 


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