Reagan Family Christmas 2016

We had such a great time celebrating Christmas with Mom, Dad, Johnny, Sonia, Jack, and Evalyn. This is going to be photo heavy and it's not even all of the photos taken.  These are just the ones with my camera, plus a few sent to me.

 Let's start with me showing Jackson the fun filters on Snapchat.  Click this link to see the results of the fun we had on that silly app.  Hours of entertainment!

Evalyn has Pop wrapped around her little finger.  As it should be.  

Nana helping Jack make some cookies.

Decorating time!  

Sunday after church we went to Union Station.  I love Union Station at all times of the year, but it's especially beautiful at Christmas.  

Two year olds aren't known for their cooperation skills.  LOL!

That's better!

The train exhibit is the coolest!  It's free, trains to look at, and trains to play with.  

After the train exhibit we walked over the sky link to Crown Center.  It is also lovely at Christmas.  It was  bit rainy so we didn't get outside.  When we were all done, I went home and grabbed a bite to eat and the Christmas presents.  I waited for Matt to get off work.  Then we drove up to Johnny and Sonia's house.  I could hear Jackson screaming, "They're here!  They're here!  They're here!" before we got out of the car.  They were waiting on us to open presents.  Jack took about 3.2 seconds to open his presents.  It was great!


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