Friday Five Faves!

1.  This was me last weekend!  I'm going to really try to not live this all month long.  Ha!

2.  Our little family. This was Thanksgiving morning.  Matt and I were hanging in our jammies, drinking coffee, and enjoying the calm.  Thanksgiving was great.  We had such a nice time with Matt's side of the family and then again with my side of the family on Sunday.

3.  So, so tired!  Look at that sweet face.  Again, sorry for the multiple Pickles pictures.  But she's so sweet!  Do you see her little bandanna?  Matt's coworker made this for her.  She wanted to test it on Pickles to see if it would fit her friends dog.  Everyone loves this dog.  

4.  These Peppermint Cremes from Aldi are the bomb diggity!  Run, run, run to get these before they are gone!  Better than oreos and cheaper.  Plus, check out the bag of pears from there for $1.69.  

5.  I bought new sunglasses that are exactly like my old favorite pair.  I lost my last pair of $3.00 Wal-Mart sunglasses.  I didn't really care for them so I wasn't too sad about not being able to find them.  They had weird lenses.  When I was at Wal-Mart today I stopped by the sunglass section and picked out a $5 pair.  I thought they were just perfect.  The lenses were good, the frames just right, and the price was great.  That's when I realized I've already had the exact same sunglasses before.  


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