Stranded in November - Outerwear

Welcome back to one of my favorite link ups!  Stranded!  So far, being stranded on this pretend island is not too shabby.  Now it's time to choose outerwear. 

1.  Of course, I would need my new Old Navy puffy vest.  Not too puffy.  But puffy enough to keep me warm and not look like the Michelin Man.  Points if you remember that commercial.
PS - look at that toothy grin!  No wonder my husband thinks I'm adorable.  LOL!

2.  A raincoat would probably be a good idea.  I'm sure it would rain sometime.  This was actually good research for me.  I don't have a raincoat and sometimes wish I did.  I found four that I like.  I know for sure at least two of them are more than I would ever pay for a raincoat. The others I could not find the source so I'll just assume that I won't be buying a raincoat anytime soon. 

3.  I thought long and hard about this last one.  Should I go with my red wool pea coat?  My navy puffy coat with the fur lined hood?  My New Smyrna Beach hoodies?  The first two are too warm, the hoodies are a strong maybe, but I need something big and cozy that I can wear around the camp fire on a cool night.  I have just the thing.  One of my scrappin' sweaters will do the trick.  I have a couple big cardigan sweaters, they are thick.  Every time I where one Matt says it looks like I'm going to a scrap booking party.  Hence the name scrappin' sweater.  Or maybe my scrappy poncho?   Either way, I'm bringing a big, cozy, cuddly sweater.

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