We fixed it! Our Deck Repair Success

There's nobody else I'd rather do a home improvement project with!

I could also title this how to fix your deck without all the tools that would make it way easy.

Our deck had a couple of boards that were rotting through.  We planned on fixing them this fall because who wants to be sweating out in the hot sun of summer fixing deck boards.

Pickles helped us out a bit trying to get at whatever creature was living under there.

We started on Saturday afternoon.  We took out the board to the right in the picture below.  It was 80+ degrees on Saturday and we had shorts and t-shirts on that day.  Sunday was about 20 degrees cooler for the high temperature.  That board Matt's working on down there was not as easy as the first one.

Maybe a saw would have helped.  I know my dad has one and I bet my brother has one.  But we were determined to get this done.  See how we had to hack away at it?   Once we could get under the nail head we could pull it out.  But they were securely nailed in there.  Whatever works!  

I love this photo of Matt.  We worked well on this project together.  He's good at fixing stuff!

Me, working that hammer!

Pickles is checking out our handy work.  

She approves!

What is Pickles doing here?  There's all kinds of good stinky stuff for her to roll around in.

Next we'll stain the boards and call it done.   Maybe not until later. 

I know another picture of us.  I can't help it. 
I like that guy!


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