Made by Me: Dog Hair Hat

I have been itching to try a new to me technique for making crochet hats.  I hesitated to even share this because... well, you will see in the photos where this hat got it's name.  Read on....

DOG HAIR!!!  This is one reason why I rarely wear black.  A white dog and anything black does not go together!  But that was the only color I had a lot of upstairs and I didn't feel like going to my yarn stash in the basement.  ☺🐶

This technique starts with making the ribbing band then stitching in together to make a circle.  Basically, you chain 7 do rows of half double crochets in the back loops only until you get the to length you need to go around your head.  Then stitch it together and single crochet around the top. 

The best part is you just work your pattern up until you get to the height you need to cover your head or to be a little slouchy (whatever you prefer).  No decreases or increases.  You will just have a tube.  You finish it off by turning your tube inside out and threading yarn just a little longer than the circumference of your circle around the top and pulling it tight.  Tie it off and flip it back out the right way.  If you want, and I don't know why you wouldn't, you can make a pom pom and sew it on the top.  If you are running low on yarn, make a small one like I did.  Next time, I'm going big!

So that's my new hat.  My dog hair beanie.  Oh well!  Good thing she's cute.  Next time I'll use a lighter color so you are less likely to see dog hair and so you can see the ribbing stitch a bit better. 


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