Friday Favorites!

Hello Friday!  Yesterday I was wearing capri pants and a t-shirt.  Today it's jeans, long sleeves, puffy vest, and a hat and I was still cold.  Oh Missouri, we love you and your wacky seasons.  Here are some things I've been loving.

1.  No TV.  That's right, this TV loving lady has lived almost a month with no TV and I love it!  I'll love when we replace it #blackfriday but for now it's been pretty nice.

2.  Streaming Food Network and HGTV shows on the laptop.  I've watched Ree, Ina, and Giada's thanksgiving shows.  I've seen house hunters, tiny house hunters, and Fixer Upper.  If you don't have cable, I have found you can stream more full episodes on the channels website than if you have the app on a Roku or tablet.

3.  The If Gathering Anno Domini study has been awesome.  I love learning about the history of what happened in the church after Christ died, after Paul and Peter and the apostles died.  This weekend was 300AD.  It's been fascinating.

4.  Friend Friday!

5.  I'm kind of excited about bringing appetizers to Thanksgiving this year.  I'm doing two cheese boards.  One with savory bits of deliciousness and one with sweet yummies.  I'll report back next week on how it all comes together.    


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