Friday Five June 10

We have had two weekends of fun with nieces and nephews.  We are so happy that our siblings give us a chance to love on their kids.

Last weekend, Matt and I went to First Fridays in downtown KC.  It's art, food trucks, music, and fun.  We had such a great time and it was great people watching.  I saw a lot of shorty shorts with long flowy kimonos, high waisted jeans with crop tops, and lots of girls wearing cute shoes you know were killing their feet walking blocks and blocks.  I'm not sure I could pull those trends off individually, but maybe I could do higher waist pants with a kimono and sensible shoes.  I promise if I do, you'll see it here. 

It's no secret that we love our church and our church family.  One thing that really drew us into LCF was the teaching style.  Biblically based teaching every week was really important to us.  The most recent series on the Sermon on the Mount was amazing.  There is a really great teaching team at our church.  Last week, our worship pastor and our lead pastor switched places.  He taught such a great message on worship, who God is, and why we worship.  It's less than 30 minutes.  Give it a listen or just read the notes.   

We went to Bristol last weekend to cash in on Matt's free birthday entrĂ©e.  I splurged and didn't order the cheapest thing on the menu.  Barramundi, whipped mashed potatoes, and zucchini corn tomato basil ragout.  I have to recreate that zucchini corn thing.  Yummy!  We ordered strawberry shortcake for dessert but they were out of the pound cake.  Bummer!  We ordered the cookie box and it was a disappointment.  Don't order that if you go.  I took one bite and thought these are just like the frozen fundraiser cookies you get from school kids.  Other than that dessert everything is so good on the menu. 

On Memorial Day, Matt and I met Casey, Amanda, and Olivia at Union Station.  We walked over to the WWI museum.  It was really fun!  I highly recommend going there.  We couldn't go up in the Liberty Memorial, it was closed that day, and I was fine with that.  Then we walked to Crown Center for lunch and took the walkway back over to Union Station. 

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