Currently: A list

Anyone that knows me at all, knows I love a list.  I love grocery lists, I love to do lists, etc.  So here's a current list.
1.  Listening
The sound of the fan and the air conditioner running.  It's hot here today!

2.  Eating
Tonight for dinner I am making black bean and spinach enchiladas.  Except I'm turning them into a casserole.  Who has time for all that rolling? 

3.  Drinking
79 cent Diet Dr. Pepper. Long live summer cold drink season!

4.  Wearing
I wore my favorite sunny day necklace, navy top and denim capris to work today.  But right now I'm in yoga pants and a tank top.  Like I said it's hot here!

5.  Reading:
I am moving onto a new book today.  My library stack is getting tall.  I think today will be a mystery. 

6.  Feeling:
Tired!  Pickles woke me up from my nap. 

7.  Laughing
Sometimes I do Pinterest searches for funny dog memes.  This 10 bad dog puns cracks me up.

8. Wanting
A backyard swimming pool. 

9.  Needing
To sign up for my next round of Zumba.  Six weeks, twice a week for $45 is such a bargain!

10.  Crocheting:
A 4th of July wreath.  Hopefully I'll get it done for the 4th this year. 


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