Random Things

I have some random things rolling around in my brain.  Not long enough to make one post each but just stuff I felt like sharing.  So here is a post of randomness...

1.  I won a big prize giveaway recently.  I read a lot of blogs.  Whenever there is a giveaway, I enter it.  Always!  One time about 5 years ago I won a sample size household cleaner.  I was super excited about that.  But this one was huge!  I won this T3 Micro Featherweight hair dryer.  It retails for $250!  What a great thing!  Especially since I really needed a new hair dryer and would never spend that kind of money on a hair dryer!  Plus, we had just spent a big chunk of our emergency fund on fixing our air conditioner.  This really is a great hair dryer.  It's fast, lightweight, and easy to use.  It came with a round brush and even that is amazing. 

2. We spent 4th of July with these cuties.  We had all just come off big vacations so it was just these two, Johnny, Sonia, and us.  We were home in bed by 9pm.

3. I have a problem.  Too many books!  I love putting books on hold at the library.  But sometimes they seem to all come in at once.  Here's my stack of current books.  That does not include the books waiting for me that I need to pick up this week. 

4.  At the end of the month we have a college age golfer staying with us.  Matt is a member at Staley Farms and they are hosting the Symetra tour at the end of July.  The way I understand it is that this is the symetra tour is like the minor leagues of the LPGA.  Some of these girls will qualify to play in the LPGA.  Since they are young and just getting started not all of them can afford to get hotels, they don't have sponsors, so in each tour city they find host families.  At first I wasn't for it, our house is not on the golf course or even close.  But they get their own transportation.  It's a small house, but they will be out on the golf course and really just need a home base.  Now I am really looking forward to it.  Our golfer is from Denmark!  She played at Texas Tech. 

5.  Speaking of having a house guest, the dog hair situation is out of control.  OUT.OF.CONTROL!!  I have to look back at old photos like the one below to remind myself it's all worth it.  But a dog shedding treatment is in her future. 

6.  Matt and I found a place where we could serve called Johnny's Café.  There are two so we joined up with the Methodist church and served meals restaurant style to people who are in need.  Some were homeless.  Most were living paycheck to paycheck.  Most were elderly, on disability, or needy families.  I bussed tables, but you know me I ended up serving and chatting with people also.  Matt wasn't feeling well so he took the dishwasher job.  Check out how cute my hubby is in his apron!


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