What's up Wednesday? July 27

 It's the last Wednesday of the month so that means it's time to link up with What's Up Wednesday!  I found these fun link ups when Shay Shull was on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.  She sounded like a fun person so I checked out her blog Mix & Match Family.  She writes about her family and has some fun recipes.  Everything I've tried has been really good.  Now onto the questions.

What we're eating?
Trying to still keep in healthy. I am making tropical beef tacos in the crockpot this week.  Sounds so good!  Beef, orange, lime, spices all get thrown in the crockpot.  Then served with mango salsa, avocado, and sriracha yogurt sauce on tortillas.  Mmm!

What I'm reminiscing about?
My facebook memories reminded me that mid July has traditionally been travel time for me.  Trips to Memphis and Florida to visit Mom and Dad. 

What I'm loving?
Being a host family for the Symetra Tour. I really do enjoy golf!  Especially when our girls are so sweet.

What we've been up to?
Cleaning house!  It's felt good to get the house all cleaned up.  We've found a couple of projects that will need some attention and finished some that were on the list. 

What I'm dreading?
More HOT days. I love a good 80 degree day. We've had a heatwave this month and I'm over it. 

What I'm working on?
Purging my closet of shoes and clothes I don't need.  Shoes are done. Clothes are a work in progress.

What I'm excited about?
I've been calorie counting and I've lost weight. I haven't deprived myself of anything but I am so much more mindful. I'm excited to see the number on the scale go down.

What I'm reading?
Just trying to stay caught up in my Bible plan. I have a mystery next up in line though.  I've read the first chapter and it's good.  I'll post what I read this month soon. 

What I'm listening to?
I recently listened to Katherine Wolf on The Happy Hour Podcast (of course). Now I want to add her book to my list. What an inspiring story of hope and healing.  Search it out and give it a listen.

What I'm wearing?
I haven't been very fashion forward. Lately it's all about comfort and coolness.

What I'm doing this weekend?
I don't know, maybe watching my new favorite golfers?

What I'm looking forward to next month?
My birthday!

What's your favorite thing about summer?
Longer days, cooler nights, sitting on the deck, meals outside, slower pace, life seems more relaxed during the summer.

Bonus:  How is it going with our golfer girls? 
Just so much fun!  It's really great to see these two living out their dreams. They are just going for it and working super hard to make it. We've really enjoyed having them. I know Matt enjoys having someone to talk golf with that can relate. I've enjoyed learning about how they came to America and about their lives. If you have a minute, pray that this Kansas City tour is hugely successful for Elin and Stephanie. It would be awesome if they made it to Sunday!


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