House Guest Welcome Baskets

When I found out we were having two golfers stay with us this week I knew I wanted to do something to make them feel at home.  If they were family or old friends we would make sure that we had plenty of goodies and extra toiletries around the house.  We would also make sure that their rooms were extra clean and tidy.

We want the girls to feel completely at home.  I know if I was staying at a strangers house I would want to be so easy going and would never want to use their stuff or eat all their food.  I really hope they will use our stuff and eat all of our food.  In order for them to know we are really excited to host them and make them feel welcome I gathered some things they may want or need and put it all in one basket.

There are no limits to what you can throw in a basket.  I picked things I thought everyone would like or need.  What they don't use they can take with them on to the next tournament, leave with us, or give to a friend.  I tried to think of things that would be useful for a fresh out of college girl trying to live her dream of being a professional golfer. 

Snacks:  Peanut butter pretzels, oreos, goldfish, sour patch kids, M&Ms, gum, and mints.  I tried to cover the range of salty, sweet, and sour.
Lint Roller - we have a dog, a white hairy adorable little dog. 
Candle - I'll throw in a lighter or matches so they can light the candle if they want.

Beauty products:  Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, sunscreen (that will fit perfectly in a golf bag), make up removal clothes, and a poof.  I set out towels in their rooms just for their use.

I know the golf course has a great clubhouse with full showers and toiletries.  They may or may not use our showers.  Either way, we are ready. 

The last thing that will go in will be a little welcome note with this card.  On one side I will put our work schedules.  That way the girls know when we will be home.  I have no idea what their days will look like and I don't want them wondering about us.  The other side has our Wi-Fi information, our garage door code, and our phone numbers. 

I also made a little yarn tassel key chain with our front door key. 

It was pretty fun putting these together!  The possibilities are endless for what you could put in.  Add magazines, bottled water, flowers, etc.  Use any basket you have around your house.  I considered putting in some things that are Kansas City focused.  Knowing that they are here to work and not really sight see caused me to reconsider.  But how fun would it be to have out of town guests and make a basket with some local things for them.

I didn't really think hospitality was in my gifting, but maybe I was wrong. 


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