Friday Faves - Branson vacation

Last week Matt and I went to Branson with his side of the family.  The entire immediate family and one aunt & uncle and two cousins.  We had such a great time!
We stayed at my in laws time share.  They get a big block of suites every couple of years apparently.  We each had our own space but it was all connected by doors you could close.  We never did except at night when some stayed up late playing cards or watching baseball or in the morning when the kids got up at 6am.  What?  I know, 6am.  Aunt Lisa didn't make the 6am breakfasts.  Ha!  We had so many people we filled up an entire shuttle.  Check out those sweet nephews and nieces in the front row!

The resort is really nice.  Matt and I went there on our honeymoon and they have made a lot of fun updates since then.  You could stay there and never leave.  Plus, they added the shuttle so you don't have to climb the mountain to get to the pool and it takes you to the restaurant next door.

I didn't even get any food photos but we had plenty of delicious food. All of our rooms had kitchens.  We usually had two meals at the resort.  There are grills outside. We ate well! 

There is so much to do in Branson. We could never do everything in one visit.  Which is why it is such a great place to go.  It's only 4 hours away from Kansas City so it's not a bad drive.  Matt and I went to an illusionist show.  His name is Rick Thomas, he had a show in Vegas for a number of years and is now in Branson.  He was really good.  Thanks to Matt's aunt and uncle for the free tickets!

I spent a day at the pool while Matt and his dad golfed and the rest of the group went to Silver Dollar City.  I loved amusement parks but I can't ride anything now without getting sick.  Oh well!  The pool was wonderful.  I finished one book, started another, and had a great time!

We rode the ducks.  Finally!  I have been wanting to do that for a long time.  Here's me, Matt, and Sawyer getting ready to go.

We also took a little hike in the woods next to our building.  There was a waterfall and some trails.  We didn't hike for as long as we would have liked because it started to pour down rain.  But look at this cute little hiker!  Have you ever seen such a cutie?

Branson has lots of shopping.  We hit up the outlet mall twice.  We both got some good deals on a few things.  Then we went to the Branson Landing.  No outlets but lots of good shopping, eating, and entertainment.  We got poured on there the next nights.  It was pretty fun running from awning to awning trying not to get drenched.  It didn't work.  We were all soaked and laughing. 

I think I would like some sandals like these. They are both Skechers, comfortable, good for walking (I'm such an old lady-ha!), and not ugly.  I like the ones on the left best.  Sadly, they were out of my price range and I have only seen them at this one shoe store.  I did find them on Amazon so I'll keep my eyes peeled for a sale.  I took that photo because I was in a store by myself and I needed Matt's opinion on what was cutest and the price.  I would have bought both pairs if he hadn't been around.  Ha!

I was listening to a podcast of the most recent teaching at LCF.  Tim talked about how some people can find the glory of God in nature.  I think I am one of those people.  I look at that view and that sunset, water, and greenery and see God's splendor.  I mean look at that!


  1. My wife and I really liked your blog about going to Branson. We have never been there, but have been thinking about going for quite some time. I have the same issue as you regarding rides and getting sick, but still hope to get to Silver Dollar City. Wish you had some pictures of the great food you ate!


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