What Have I Been Reading? June 2016

Matt has started calling me his little reader.  I have loved making time to read.  This month I tried to mix it up again.  I've got a little Christian inspiration and memoir, Historical fiction, and suspenseful fiction. 

1.  Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch - I had no idea what this book was about.  Based on the title I thought it was more of an inspirational, lifestyle book but it's actually more of a memoir.  It is inspirational, don't get me wrong.  I really liked this book.  I realized that I knew about the ministry Kristen and her family started in Kenya but I didn't know this book told that story.  I devoured this book and read it in one evening!  Clearly, I really liked it.

2.  The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin - Another historical fiction book about a young girl who is an heiress to a fortune.  She meets the man of her dreams who was a bit of a player in his day.  There are empresses, queens, royalty, and aristocrats.  It was a good read. I really enjoyed this one. 

 3.  Let's All Be Brave by Annie Downs - This is a Christian book about being brave in your life.  Annie tells some stories about her life where she wasn't brave and where she was brave.  I like Annie Downs in general.  This was the first book of hers I have read.  It was fun, her writing style is engaging and makes you feel like you are sitting with your pal drinking coffee and catching up on life.  It would be a great book for a graduate.

4. Six Years by Harlan Coben - This is a mystery about a man who finds his true love only to lose her to another man.  She marries her former boyfriend and asks the main character to leave them alone forever.  Never look for them or contact them, ever.  Until six years later her husband ends up murdered and he goes to the funeral and he's married to someone else.  This is a good book!  Mystery, unraveling of old details, lots of twists and turns. 

I've already started a new book and I'm almost finished with it.  I've got a stack of books for July. 


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