Friday Five - 7.22.16


It has been SO HOT outside!  We are right in the middle of a good old fashioned heat wave. Do you know who doesn't mind a heat wave?  Do you know who love love loves being outside in extreme weather?  Do you know who gives you the sad eyes when you won't let her go outside?  This girl! 

I'm on Day 14 of my read the Bible in 90 days plan.  Admittedly, I got a few days behind.  I made it through Leviticus on schedule but then I hit Numbers.  I got stuck!  I needed an illustrated children's Bible to see who all the tribes were and how many there were and all the things.  I made it through.  Deuteronomy is going much better. 

My last post was about our living room gallery wall.  I had that blank space and thought about using the yellow flowers to fill it.  But when Matt and I were deep cleaning in preparation for our two golfers I found our old plate rack.  I put wedding photos in it asking Matt how long we can put out our wedding photos.  He says forever.  <3

I've been loving stone fruit this summer!  We have had great peaches, plums, and nectarines.  The best ones we have had have come from Aldi.  I just love that store.  I spent $90 today and my cart was overflowing!  I stocked up on meats, more stone fruit, veggies, toilet paper, and just everything.  That's a lot for us, we usually spend more than half that amount but we were really out of everything.  Plus, like I said we have two golfers staying with us.  Not just one as we originally thought. 

When Matt signed us up to host a golfer for this professional golf tour I was less than thrilled.  The Symetra tour is like the minor leagues of the LPGA.  I was less than thrilled because I went to that place where I tell myself my house isn't good enough, it's so small, it's so old, it's so dusty, it's so.... you get the picture.  Then I thought about the houses that are on the golf course.  I've been in some on the tour of homes and even if you tripled the size of our house it would still be like a garden shed in that neighborhood.  We don't even have a neighborhood pool let alone a neighborhood park. 

Then I had to check myself.  True, our house isn't large and it won't be like staying in some of the other places they may have been.  But that's not the point.  We are giving them a free place to stay.  A place with people that love the Lord and want to practice our Mary and Martha hospitality.  A place that will be a cool refuge from the heat and the bustle of busy tournament life.  We plan on feeding them and hope that they will feel like this is their home.  These girls are fresh out of college and far away from home.  Steph is from Denmark and Elin is from Sweden.  I've been praying for these girls ever since I got over the fact that we were having two not one golfer, meaning one was sleeping in the basement.  But now our basement is so clean even I would hang out down there. 

When I think about the houses on the golf course in reality, there is no way I want a house that big!  Too much to clean!  Ha!

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