Spring Floral Basket

Here's a close up of these sweet, bright, white, and yellow flowers with sparkly yellow berries that make up my new Spring Floral Basket that only cost $10!   

The flowers and berries are from Dollar Tree.  At $1.00 per bunch I grabbed ten of them.  The basket is one I had in the garage along with the rest of the greenery. 

I made this to hang on our front door.  I thought it would be a fun alternative to the traditional wreath.  BUT... our screen/storm door is too close.  There is not enough space so it hangs on a wall in the living room.  I am not sold on where it is now.  There was already a nail there so I took the easy route.  It looks pretty good against the gray of our wall.

Regardless, of where it hangs I LOVE IT! 


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