What's Up Wednesday - April 27

What have I been eating this week? 
I have been trying to eat more vegetables this week than I had over the weekend.  I used to never cook up a veggie side with our meals. Now I feel like my plate is naked without some kind of veggie.

What am I reminiscing about?
The retreat from last weekend.  Two nights was a long time to be away from my sweetie pie.  But it was a great time with great friends.

What I'm loving?
Podcasts.  It wasn't too long ago that I said, "Hey Matt, what's a podcast?"  Now I have a few that I listen to regularly.  I currently listen to LCF Podcast (my church), The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Marriage is Funny, and The Popcast. 

What have I been up to?
Oh, you know the normal.  Living life and enjoying everyday.

What I'm dreading?
I can't think of a thing that I am seriously dreading.  Maybe dreading swimsuit season, my next dental appointment, or how about dreading cleaning the dog hair from the couches.  She's sweet but she's hairy! 

What I'm working on
Posting more consistently here.  Eating more veggies (see above). 

What I'm excited about
Seeing my mom and dad this weekend!  They surprised us by getting tickets to fly home for Evalyn's birthday party. I can't even remember the last time I saw them both together in the same room in person.  Woo hoo!

What I'm watching/reading
We finally started watching Fixer Upper on Netflix.  At first I didn't get all the hype. The concept is similar to other shows.  But Chip and Joanna are so sweet! 

What I'm listening to

What I'm wearing
Good shoes.  I'm officially that girl that really wants a good pair of comfortable shoes.  But I want them to be cute and affordable.  I have some super comfy flats that I've been wearing this spring by Me, Too.  They were 85% off at DSW.  Similar to the ones in the image below except mine have a knot instead of a buckle.

What I'm doing this week
This is a really normal week and I love it.  Tonight we are supposed to go to a baseball game with our small group.  It's a college game between Nebraska and KU at Kauffman Stadium.  I could care less about either team so I'll be wearing my Royals gear.

What I'm looking forward to next month
Going to visit my mom and dad in Florida!  We'll be there for Matt's birthday and I'm super excited he may get to golf someplace cool. 

What else is new
I got an new iPhone 6S this month and it's the bomb! 

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