Easy Roast Chicken and Root Vegetables

Last week I made the easiest and tastiest dinner.  It's no secret that I love a good one pot meal.  My latest obsession is the sheet pan supper.  Same concept as the one pot meal but instead of throwing everything in the pot you throw everything on a sheet pan and toss it in the oven. 

This couldn't be easier!  I used chicken drumsticks (they were on sale), carrots, and radishes.  You'll also need oil of some kind and spices.  I used olive oil, paprika, pepper, and salt.

Preheat your oven to 425.  Spray your sheet pan with some cooking spray.  Dice up your veggies and toss in olive oil and spices.  Season your chicken the same and place on the pan. 

Roast in the oven for 30-40 minutes.  Halfway through cooking flip everything.  Yummy!  Radishes are one of those vegetables I was sure I hated but I actually like.  Same goes with kale and Brussel sprouts. It's all in the preparation or in kale's case the type you buy. 

Another popular sheet pan supper around here is cooking some potatoes on a sheet pan for about 20 minutes, then add some sausage and vegetable for another 20 minutes.  Done!  I've used different flavored chicken sausages and green beans or broccoli.  Here's a link to a recipe I pinned - it gives the general formula for this easy dinner.

Excuse the iPhone 5 camera pics.  I just got an iPhone 6 and am surprised at how much better the camera is.  Old lady alert: I remember when cameras had film and you never knew if you got a good shot or not.  Ha!

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