Goals for 2012–How did I do?

At the beginning of the year I posted about my goals for 2012.  I thought I’d do a recap to keep family and friends updated and to keep myself in check. 

1.  Well, I was up and down on this one.  I started running.  I ran two (yes, two) 5Ks.  I had the good fortune to train with one of my best friends (hi Mayela!) and some amazing women.  We used the program Run for God and it was amazing.  Running is still not my favorite thing to do but I never ever in a million years could have done it without this Bible study/running group. 

2.  The kitchen is done for now.  I’m still leaning toward making some blinds, but for now the old pull down ones will do.

3.  Pillows for the couch?  Fail! 

4.  Practice using the sewing machine.  I did use the sewing machine to make an apron.  It was a lot of fun!  I wish my sewing machine wasn’t in our dingy old basement.  I have a quilt project coming up next.

5.  We tried.  We really did.  Right now we don’t have a church.  We have considered branching out to other, non-Catholic, churches.  We did try one but they had just started this series where the parishioners got up and spoke.  It was interesting but probably a little too laid back for us.  We did like that they had a coffee bar.  A free coffee bar!  Bonus!  We tried some other Catholic churches after that and still are left wanting more.  This will be big on our 2013 goals.

6. Oh my goodness!  Do I have the cutest, best, most amazing nephews and niece!  I’ll never feel like I have enough time with them!  Sawyer just turned 5 and he is the smartest, coolest kid around!  Oakley just turned 3 and her little personality is huge.  Their mom (hi Jill!) got an iPhone this year so we Face time a lot.  Walker will be one in January.  I can’t believe how big he is getting.  He’s doing this super cute one armed scoot thing.  Jackson is 9 months and we had the honor to be his godparents this year.  He’s the happiest, friendliest baby I have ever met.

7.  Good shoes?  Check!  I only bought good quality shoes this year and my feet have thanked me for it. 

8.  Learn how to knit?  Fail!  I kept meaning to pick up my needles and give it another try.  But I have had so many fun crochet and crafty projects to do.   

9.  Yeah, I have the best husband ever!  I, also, have the best dog ever!  We took her to the vet to be boarded over Christmas break while we were in Memphis and we had this note about her.


10.  Still working on it!  I did an update here in February and here in July.  We, well I, started taking the drug Chlomid to get things a-rolling.  I’ve done 4 rounds.  That’s where we are on that.  We are praying that 2013 will bring more good news on this front.  Keep us in your prayers. 


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