Dish Towel Apron

Matt’s grandma gave me her sewing machine this winter.  Her vision isn’t good and she hasn’t done much sewing lately so she wanted someone to have it who would use it.  I was so honored that she thought of me.  My crafty friend, Mayela, and I had some projects in mind but was sew (ha) excited when I found this on Pinterest.  What a great idea and a great tutorial!  A newbie sewer like me could figure it out.  Here is how I made it.

Gather up your supplies.

I started my making the ties by using my scrap fabric.  I stitched down the side and one edge.  Then I turned them inside out and ironed them flat.

Then I took the towel that was going to be the top and laid it horizontally on the floor upside down.  I flipped it up about 6 inches, then turned it over and flipped it up again to form a pocket.  I pinned it and sewed along the bottom and the sides.  Then I sewed on the seams to make three pockets.

Then I took the bottom towel and pinned the ties to it.  I sewed straight down the middle and attached it to the top.  Big thanks to Mayela for letting me borrow her machine when the belt broke on mine. 

Now I forgot to get a picture of sewing the top ties on.  The two pack of towels I purchased at Target was prettily wrapped with black ribbon.  I used that for the top ties.  As the original tutorial suggested I turned the corners down and sewed them down.
I made some mistakes on this project that I thought I would point out.
I should have attached the vertical and horizontal pieces together first.  I feel like the top part is too long and the pockets are too high.  When I wear it I just fold it up so the tie is around my waist.  The pockets are hidden but that’s okay.  I know next time if I decide to make these for presents this Christmas.  (Oops, I just ruined the surprise!)
Making the ties wasn’t hard at all but I think it would be much easier if I found some ribbon that was wide enough to serve as ties. 
This was a fun project and I am so glad I found it.  Be sure to check out the original. Her apron is so pretty and the photography is way better than my point and shoot.  Smile  Thanks to Mayela for helping me out!  I can’t wait for our next project we work on together. 


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