Spinach and Artichoke Pizza

Last night I made a yummy dinner on the grill. I'm loving summer break! Here's the rundown on how I made it. First, I made a whole wheat pizza dough. Whatever dough you like is fine. I used the one from my Our Best Bites cookbook. Their dough isn't whole wheat, I just replaced a cup of the flour with whole wheat flour. It was yummy! I make breads so much that I bought a jar of yeast.

For the pizza, I sautéed some spinach with garlic and olive oil. I added a jar of drained and chopped artichoke hearts I also added a chicken breast I poached and shredded for my carnivore hubby. At the last minute I decided to add the sauce (about a quarter cup of jarred alfredo) to the mixture to keep it easy on the grill. That took all of five minutes to do.
I made Matt turn the grill on because the igniter is broken and he has longer arms. We won't be doing that again until we get that fixed or a new grill. Scary!!
Anyway, let the grill get super hot. While that is happening roll out
the dough. Load up all your supplies because things happen pretty quickly on the grill. I used a cookie sheet without a lip as my big pizza paddle/spatula. Make sure to oil the dough well before putting it on the grill. Shut the lid and wait. Don't leave or you will have a burnt mess on your hands. I can't give you an exact time here it really depends on your grill. So check it and when it looks good oil the top and flip it. Now start loading on your toppings. I did the sauce, spinach artichoke, chicken mixture then topped it with mozzarella. Shut the lid. My grill was extra hot so the dough was cooking faster than the cheese was melting. I had to slide it off and pop it under the broiler to melt the cheese a little better.
The verdict: delicious!!
My recommendation for grilling pizza: definitely make multiple mini pizzas. It's much easier to flip.
PS- I'm blogging from my phone today. There's an app for that.
Matt said the pizza looked like a map of the United States.  Do you see Maine and Florida?  He at a slice the size of Texas and California.  It was that good.  :)


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