Goals, hopes, prayers, and dreams for 2013

1.  I pray this is the year we become parents.
2.  Open an Etsy shop.
3.  Start working out again.
4.  Eat more healthy food, less processed junk.   
5.  Make good career decisions.
6.  Find a church, any church.
7.  Post more often.

Have you ever heard of people picking a word for the new year instead of making resolutions?  This word guides their year, motivates them, and energizes them.  I did a lot of praying about 2013 and one word kept coming to mind.
Purpose is defined on dictionary.com as:
  • The reason something exists.
  • An intended result, aim, or goal.
  • Determination, resoluteness.
I’ve been really thinking about my purpose in life.  I’m sure a lot of that comes with a job change, lots of fertility drugs, and a new year.  But am I doing what I’m meant to do?  What steps do I need to take to make sure I am living the life God has planned for me?
I have a lot of goals for 2013, see the above list.  Number 1 trumps them all.  We have done 4 rounds of chlomid.  We have one more round to go this winter before we go talk to a fertility specialist.  I am really grateful my gynecologist was able to treat me for the first 5 rounds.  My insurance covered that part. 
Lastly, I love the last part of the definition I honed in on.  Determination.  Resoluteness.  Enough said.


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