Friday 5!

I'm working on my goals for 2013.  One of them is to post more often.  It's fun, I enjoy writing about stuff.  So, why not?  I love this idea of posting 5 things on Friday that happened during the week that I am grateful for or were just so totally awesome they made my day in some way.  Here it goes, the first in what I hope/plan to be many posts..... High 5 for Friday!

1.  I walked into the house Monday after work and said out loud, to myself, "Why does it smell like soap in here?"  I noticed somethign was amiss in the kitchen.  It was clean!  I knew I had left the coffee maker in a different spot, things looked a little too shiny in the kitchen.  I went to let Pickles out and I noticed the living room was sparkling a bit brighter also.  The bathroom was the same.  I let Pickles outside and stood in the kitchen trying to think of what must have happened.  I knew Matt hadn't snuck home, he was without a car.  As I was staring at the super clean stainless steel trash can, Matt walked in the door.  He had hired a housekeeper for the day!  Well done!  PS - Why are those stainless steel trash cans so hard to clean?  I was ready to throw ours away!  That girl is a miracle worker.  Thank you, honey!

2.  Learning something new.  I'm learning how to knit.  Mayela and I have crochet down so we decided to take on a new challenge... and knitting is challenging!  I have started this scarf over a dozen times now.  I have dropped stitches only to have one stitch too many on the next round.  How does that happen?  I don't get it yet, but I'm working on it.

3.  Helping a friend move.  I know, moving... ick!  But Maggie is moving into her very first place that's all hers.  It's very exciting and the place is super cute!

4.  Game night!  Matt and I had a game night.  We turned the TV off and just played cards.  It was a close one.  He had me by 100 points and 1 phase, but I made a strong comeback to victory!

5.  This shirt.  It cracks me up every time this student wears it.  This student cracks me up every day.



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