Christmas Crochet Projects

This Christmas I decided to make cute and fun little hats for my nephews and niece. 

I made this football hat for Jackson.IMG_1930

I made this aviator hat for Walker. 


I made this Hello Kitty hat for Oakley.


I made this hat for Sawyer.  He’s way into Ninjago right now.


I’m keeping up the tradition of making ornaments for the kids.  I made these glitter ornaments with their initials on them.  I used plastic ornaments.  I filled them with glue and dumped the glitter inside.  The initials are stickers. 


Here are Sawyer, Walker, and Oakley in their hats.  I was afraid Walker’s would be too small.  Looks like it may be too small, but at least he could wear it once for his Aunt Lisa.  Maybe one of Oakley’s dolls will enjoy it. 



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