Friday 5

Hello Friday!  I never thought you would get here.  What a long week!!  Here is my Friday 5!

1. Date night - Last night Matt and I went to Em Chamas Brazilian Grill.  We ate more meat in one sitting than any person should.  But it was so delicious.  We splurged and I had a glass of Sangria then we shared mango cheesecake.  Yummy!

2. Coffee - I'm seriously in love with coffee now.  I still love Diet Dr. Pepper.  Which may be a problem.  I love me some caffeine!

3. One of my best girls (hi Beck!) is going to be an aunt.  Her sis struggled with conceiving so I'm super excited for her and extra hopeful for us.  I, also, went to a baby shower a couple weeks ago for a friend who had trouble conceiving as well.  Is there some kind of epidemic or am I just more in tune to this issue because I'm living it?

4. Root booster - Yeah, this is silly.  But I really love my new root booster.  I just bought a drugstore brand, Garnier, to see if I would like it.  My hair needs a little boost at the roots in the winter.

5. Bible study - I'm still reading the She Reads Truth bible study.  Yesterday's reading was chock full of good stuff.  Gotta love Phillipians!

Tomorrow morning Becky and I are taking the Early Childhood Special Education Praxis test for certification.  Trying to make myself super marketable, just in case.  Wish  us luck!


  1. I am so hopeful for you and Matt to conceive! I just emailed my sis for the name of the hormone she was taking. She was taking Chlomid also. I think we kicked that test's butt! I love you and hope all your dreams for 2013 come true. <3


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