Number 10

My last post was about my 2012 goals.  When Matt (hi honey!) read my goals he said, “I thought number 10 would have been number 1.”  Well, it is by far the most important to me.  The one that I feel requires the most urgent action.  But, it’s the one that I have the least amount of control over.
On the 4th of July, 2011 Matt and I were driving home from a weekend trip and we got to talking about family and children.  We decided it was time to start trying.  We knew it may take some time before we were pregnant so we decided not to tell anyone.  We didn’t want the pressure of people constantly asking us how things were going.  We were excited when about a month later we found out we were going to be an aunt and uncle again!  This time on both sides of the family.  The first for my side!  How cool would it be if we had a baby shortly after them and they would all be close to the same age!  Month after month passed with no luck.  I knew and he knew that these things take time.  It was still hard to be the one not pregnant. 
Flashback to the summer before we got married.  This is where things get personal so avert your eyes and skip to the next paragraph if you don’t like talking about a woman’s “monthly visitor” or “aunt flo” or “periods”.  I had gone several months without a normal period.  I saw my gynecologist and went through a bunch of tests only to find out nothing was wrong, I was perfectly healthy and normal.  It was probably the birth control I had recently started.  He advised me to stay on that until after the wedding.  So I think things are functioning as they should.
I saw my doctor again in October and the first thing he said was he was so happy that everything came back okay last summer.  He’s such a nice man.  I told him that Matt and I had decided to start trying and even though I knew things were fine and most people don’t get pregnant right away I was frustrated.  Not only were my sisters-in-law both pregnant but so were a handful of friends and acquaintances.  He told me to go to the pharmacy and buy an ovulation test.  He told me to keep him posted and call him if we weren’t pregnant in the spring.  I liked the idea of getting scientific with it so I did just that.  I had been using the calendar method to track that sort of thing and had been talking to Matt about it.  My doctor advised me to stop stressing my husband out.  So I followed doctor’s orders with renewed hope and vigor.  Still no luck. 
I’m not discouraged at all.  I have always known I would have children.  I have always known that someday I would be a mother.  Matt will be an amazing father.  We’ll get there.  I keep reminding myself of my grandma.  She was 6 years older than me when she had my mom at 43.  So, you see I’m not at all discouraged.  One of my two heroes had children “late” in life (my other hero, Mom, had us in her 20s). 
I’m just frustrated. 
Prayers are welcome.  But if you see either one of us, don’t ask us how it’s going.  We’ll let you know when there is news to share.


  1. You guys will be amazing parents!! :-)

  2. I will say a prayer for you dear friend. You will be amazing with a child of your own. I can't wait to hear the news. :-)


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