Goals for 2012

1. Get back on track with my weight loss and exercise.

2. Finish up “Project: Pretty up the Kitchen.”  I love the yellow color!  But I must must must build some shelves or find some that will work.  The blinds need to be either replaced or covered.  I saw this on Pinterest.  I’m leaning towards covering the blinds that are already on the windows in the kitchen and making a simple little curtain for the back door.  My pictures won’t upload for some reason.

3.  Make pillows for the couch.  I made pillows for the couch using some pillow cases I purchased at Wal-Mart. They are tan and light blue, again my pictures won’t upload.  Matt agrees that we need some more color and brightness.

4.  Practice using my sewing machine.  See #2 and # 3.

5.  Find a way to become more involved in our new church.

6.  Be the best aunt I can be to my nephew, Walker, born today (Yay!) and my nephew, Jackson, coming in March. 

7.  Let this be the year I only buy good shoes.  I usually just buy cute shoes.  Cute, cheap shoes that aren’t always the most comfortable.  So this year I will try not to be cheap and buy cute, good shoes.

8.  Learn how to knit.

9.  Spend as much time with Matt and Pickles as possible. 

10.  Expand our family.


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