2 Years!

2 years ago today I said, "I do."  It was among one of the best days of my life.  Ever.  I thank God every day for the life He has given Matt and I.  This year we decided to celebrate by having a stay-cation.  We used the last of Matt's free Marriott points and got a hotel room at a new Courtyard Marriott in Briarcliff on Saturday.  It was really nice!  We went across the street and shopped.  Then we had dinner at The Cafe and dessert at Sugar Mama's.  Actually, we are still eating our dessert from Sugar Mama's, which was a margarita cupcake and a peanut butter lover's cupcake.  The margarita cupcake is a vanilla cupcake with lime buttercream frosting.  The peanut butter one is a chocolate cupcake (maybe chocolate peanut butter) with peanut butter frosting.  Yum!  The hotel had a great patio area that we took advantage of to watch the sunset and we really enjoyed the fire pit.  When it got too cold we headed to the room and watched cable.  Ahhh, cable!  It's a rare treat for us to watch things like Food Network, HGTV, Science channel, Golf channel, etc.
A king size bed!
Sitting on the patio
Watching the sunset
Enjoying the fire pit.

Sunday morning we went to the Plaza for breakfast.  We went to eggcetera but the wait was an hour long.  Even though we had snacked on cupcakes from Saturday night we couldn't wait that long so we went to Winstead's.  It was pretty good!  We spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon at The Nelson.  We walked the sculpture gardens then when to the Bloch Building.  It was a great afternoon!
Having fun in the sculpture garden.

We had some of our favorite wedding photos taken right here.
After we explored the museum Matt said he had one more surprise for me.  I know not to question it and just go along for the ride.  He drove me to the downtown Quality Hill area.  We got out and walked a block to one of these.

What's that you ask?  It's a bike rental stand.  

Yep, he's renting 2 bikes for us.  Now, I'm all for new experiences and was excited about this surprise.  But I remember not learning to ride a bike until 4th or 5th grade.  I probably only had a couple good years of bike riding.  Let's just say bike riding is not one of my stronger skills.  Matt, however, was a good bike rider and even rode his bike in college where parking was impossible.  Here's Matt enjoying the bikes.

Look at him go!  Riding in circles, popping wheelies, like he just rode a bike yesterday.  Me?  Where are the pictures of me and my bike?  Here you go...

This is after one of the many times I fell.  I would guess that I fell about 7 times.  In less than half an hour.  I would ride for a few feet and then just feel it start to tip over.  No injuries, no bruises, just a funny story to tell of the time Matt and I tried to ride bikes together.  It was hilarious!

I love you honey!  Thank you for challenging me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone.  Looks like he'll be responsible for teaching our future kids how to ride a bike.

It was a great anniversary weekend.  Our actual anniversary is today.  Tonight I am fixing Anniversary French Toast for dinner.  


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